Top 5 Passport Mistakes You Must Avoid As A Traveler

These simple mistakes could make you miss your trip.

No matter how much money or planning has gone into the preparation of your trip – business or vacationing trip, it won’t happen without a valid passport. A passport is your pass, your entry requirement into other countries. It is a very important component of your trip. However, it is also a slightly tricky area when traveling. There are some simple mistakes you can make with your passport that could leave you stranded at the end of the day. And in fact, some of these mistakes are quite common. So in order not to get stranded by your passport at some point during your travel, here are the top five mistakes you must avoid.

  1. Not Knowing Your passport Expiry Date

Although this may seem like a no-brainier, it is a common mistake people make. You should always know when your passport will expire as there are some countries that require passports with at least six months validity. Sometimes, you may have just been enjoying your travels so much that your passport expires right in the middle, looking for help. The best way to prevent this is to always keep in mind your passport’s expiry date.

  1. Waiting Too Long Before Application

Many people make the mistake of wasting too much time before applying for their passports. This, however, is a bad move as any little mistake and the trip is off. You should make sure you apply for it – new or renewal – when there is still enough time before your trip.

  1. Carelessly Filling Out the Application Form

Another common mistake people make mainly because of rush or impatience. When you are filling out your passport application form, make sure you take your time and fill it up correctly. You don’t want to be faced with the rigors of getting corrected passports.

  1. Not Correcting Your Name After Change

This mistake applies a lot to married women – especially newly-weds. Many forget to correct their passports after marriage to effect the change of name. This can deter your travel plans eventually.

  1. Too Many Stamps

I know to some people, having a lot of stamps on your passport is a thing of pride but then, having too much stamps may not be such a good thing either. Bear in mind that there are some countries that require for you to have up to 3 or 4 blank pages in your passport.



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