Top 5 Movies Every True Artist Will  Adore

One thing every artist is never tired of is the Inspiration. Over the years, Hollywood and other filmmakers have been dishing out interesting movies about artists and their works. Aspiring artists have used such movies for years as a source of inspiration. Whether you are following the life of the amazing Frida Kahlo or you are yearning for some inspiration, here are 5 movies you would love to watch:

1. My Left Foot
“My left foot” was directed by Jim Sheridan and was released in 1989. The movie tells the story of a boy (Christy Brown) who the society deemed worthless because of his condition. He was born with Cerebral palsy into a well known Irish family. Christy was paralyzed and was often mocked by his peers, but at the age of 5 something miraculous happened. He was able to control his left foot by using chalk to scribble a word on the floor. With the help of his mother and utmost determination, he overcomes his condition to become a painter, author, and poet.

2. Basquiat
Starring Gary Oldham, Jeffery Wright, David Bowie, and Benicio del Toro, “Basquait” is an exceptional movie that tells the story of a very poor graffiti artist by the name Jean-Micheal Basquiat. Despite living in a life of penury, he was defile all odds and rise to the top of the heady New York art scene of the early 1970s and 80s. He became the biggest name of the neo-expressionist painting and one of the notable painters of his time. However, Basquiat famed made him lived a tumultuous life, especially his addiction to heroin. All these hurdles threatened to bring him down.

3. Big Eyes
Directed by Tim Burton, “Big eyes” tell the story of how an artist Walter Keane achieved global fame and success with beautiful portraits of saucer-eyed waifs. However, nobody knew that his wife (Margaret) was the person behind the brush, When Margaret found out her husband is taking credit and fame for her work, she is too timid to protest publicly.

4. Frida
This is the true life story of one of Mexico greatest ever painters Diego Rivera and his wife Frida Kahlo. The movie revolves around their tempestuous love affair as well as their landmark journey to America. Their outrageous personalities which made them legendary was also highlighted in the movie. “Frida” as won 2 academy awards, it’s a must-see for every true artist.

5. Final Portrait
Starring Geoffrey Rush and Armie Hammer, “Final Project” was directed by the award-winning Stanley Tucci and was released in 2017. The movie goes back to Paris in the year 1964 was a popular painter Alberto Giacometti bump into his old pal James Lord who was a famed American critic. Alberto requested his old time friend to be a model for his new portrait in his studio for some days. Surprised by the request., James agreed and after some weeks, he realized that his whole life has been wasted by this famed painter. The men’s time was a mixture of joy and frustration, but eventually, Alberto Giacometti completed one of his last and best ever masterpiece.



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