Top 5 Foods That Were Invented By Complete Accident.

We have all been there: We come home with a rumbling stomach, only to open the fridge to find out it is almost empty. You turn up the gas cooker, throw in a pot and proceed put all the remnants of each bottle of codinments into the meats scraps and sad vegetables you can find. You take a munch straight from the pot and it tastes delicious.

That’s the reality, some of the world most delicious food were born out of a similar confluence of luck, resourcefulness, and laziness-or simply because someone messed something up. From Sandwich to corn flakes, humans throughout history have created delicious food unknowingly. Here is a list of the top 5 Foods that were created by mistake.

1. Sandwich
In 1700s, a certain John Montagu discovered Sandwich. He is the 4th Earl of Sandwich who discovered our favorite combo of two slices of bread with onion, tomato, lettuce, lettuce and mustard. There are different. One popular version of the story is that John Montagu a chronic gambler couldn’t take is eyes of a intense gambling game. So he asked for the meat to be brought to him in two thin slice of bread. Another side of the story is that John Montagu was a workaholic in quest of a untensil-free meal. Either way, Montagu’s discovery is now many families favourite breakfast across the world.

2. Cornflakes

We wake up in the morning pour it into a bowl add some milk and munch on its delicious goodness, but you ever thought of how it was made? Well, cornflakes was invented in the 19th century William and John Kellog. Both brothers were looking for a substitute for bread, so they decided to boil wheat. Fortunately for us they boiled the wheat for so long. When they rolled it out, the wheat fell into many flakes. Rather than dumping it in the trash can, they decided to bake it and- poof! Our crunchy corn flakes was made.

3. Chocolate chip cookies
When Ruth Graves was busy making her signature cookies, she never knew she would invent the chocolate chip cookies.At the time she was making her cookies, she ran out of her favourite baker’s chocolate. Smartly she opted for Nestle chocolate bar, hoping it would melt, she accidentally created chocolate chip cookies.

4. Potato Chips
A customer at Saratoga Springs’ Moon LakeHouse sent plate after plate of fried potatoes back to the kitchen, because he wasn’t enjoying its thickness. Chef Crum was fed up of the complaints, so he sliced the last plate of potatoes to its thinnest, fried and salted It, and sent the plate of fried potatoes to the angry customer. Just one bite, the customer frown turned it a smile.

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5. Cheese Puffs
Cheese puffs populary known as Cheese balls in Nigeria was invented by the Flarkall Company of Beloit in 1930. When cornkennels was added to a machine used for crushing animal feeds to reduce the clogging , the machine got so hot and that the moist cornmeal stared flying out in hard puffy ribbons. Wilson took the puffy ribbons home, added seasoning and oil and made the first cheese puffs.

So, next time you’re in the kitchen humming you favorite songs while cooking and accidentally made a mistake in the recipe, don’t frown, embrace the failure and see where it takes you. You never can tell your mistake might fetch you millions.



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