Top 5 Fiercest Club Football Rivalries in the World

Football is an exciting game. Over the years, the game has seen some fierce rivalries develop between teams and clubs all over the world. Even though several players have come and gone, the intensity of these important derbies have remained the same. These matches have become more than just ordinary games to the club and its fans. It’s now more like a thing of pride; a thing of bragging rights.

Yesterday, we saw two very important derbies matches happen. One in England, and the other in Spain. However, they are not the only fierce derbies in the world. Let’s take a look at the top 5 most intense club rivalries in the world.

  • El Classico

One of the most popular derbies in the world, this rivalry happens in Spain. It is contested between Spanish giants, Barcelona and Real Madrid. At over a 100 years old, millions of people worldwide clamour to witness the excellence of the El Classico.

  • Derby della Madonnina (Milan Derby)

Our next stop is Italy where we see one of the greatest rivalries in the world. This derby is contested between city rivals AC Milan and Inter Milan. It is played in a stadium that coincidentally is home to both clubs.

  • The North London Derby

Arguably the fiercest rivalry in English football, the North London derby is an exciting contest. The contest is between two neighbours in the North of London, Arsenal and Tottenham, and is one that never leaves the fans bored.

  • Der Klassiker

The biggest club rivalry in Germany is the Der Klassiker. It is contested between the top two German giant clubs, Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich. This match is arguably the most watched club football game in Germany, and offers the most exciting plays Germany has to offer.

  • The Old Firm Derby

The most important game in Scottish club football, the Old Firm Derby is contested between Rangers and Celtic. These clubs are the most successful clubs in the whole of Scotland and therefore give one of the most intense rivalries the game has ever seen.

Other important rivalries include The Merseyside Derby (Liverpool Vs Everton), El Derbi Madrileno (Atletico Madrid Vs Real Madrid), Derby d’Italia (Inter Milan Vs Juventus) and of course the Manchester Derby (Manchester City Vs Manchester United).



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