Top 5 Countries you can visit without Visa as a Nigerian

For Nigerians, travelling isn’t anything near hassle free. It requires genuine planning.

With Nigerian visas rated 89th in freedom to travel the world last year and 83rd this year, verifying a visa is troublesome and hectic. You will be astonished however that Nigerians can visit an adequate number of top nations without applying for a visa. So you can disregard the problem of a visa if you need to make a trip to any of these countries.

This Caribbean nation, which is the birth place of the pop star, Rihanna, invites Nigerians for a half year without visa. This nation is in the western territory of the North Atlantic and 100 kilometers east of the Windward Islands and the Caribbean Sea.

English is the official language so have no fear. She has 60 astonishing shorelines and a few eateries with awesome cooking styles to booth

Our fellow West African counterparts is another country, you wouldn’t need to worry too much about. Apart from our ECOWAS ties, Ghana keeps other beneficial relationships with Nigeria.

A nation of agreeable and inviting people, Ghana is progressively turning into a top choice tourist center.

You need to go Haiti? A Nigerian goes here without visa for 90 days. Haiti is a Caribbean nation situated in the North American Country mainland.
Language might be an issue, because the official lingo is Haitian Creole and French, but besides that, why is it a top country?

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Haiti is a bit of heaven taken straight from the films, with waves tenderly lapping at its many golden shores and terrific night-falls covering the scene in distinctive shading. trust me, you want to go there.

Comprising of over a thousand coral islands, The Maldives lies in the Indian Ocean. As one of the listed visa-free nations, Maldives, offers a 30-day visa to Nigerians on landing. With the vast majority of its islands utilized mainly for the travel industry and horticulture, the nation has a rich and crisp bundle of vacation spots.

Regardless of whether you need to plunge and surf in its waters or you’re arranging the ideal vacation, The Maldives a great deal.

Cote d’Ivoire is likewise a visa free nation for Nigerians. Wellness check is a prerequisite once you arrive and next destination ticket must be given. Abidjan is capital city and is a very appealing one at that, bound with tidal ponds and near the sea, with numerous slopes and rich tropical flora.

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The good thing about some of these countries is the fact that they have a viable economy. Thus, one can take advantage of the free stay length they offer to canvas for opportunities, study the environment and decide if you want to make a life for yourself there. Apart from this, they are also great vacation spots. Business and Pleasure, nothing sounds better!



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