Top 5 Art Galleries in Nigeria

Art is an important aspect of Nigeria’s cultural image. Also, Nigeria’s craft environment keeps on prospering at a great pace as Nigerian craftsmen, workmanship lovers, and custodians progressively break inventive and business molds to keep the business alive in general society’s cognizance. Art, being enchanting, goes past the range of simple minded individuals which makes it sort of hard to understand for them.
Be that as it may, for the individuals who have prevailing understanding of the delightful secrets of life, arts fills their brain with ponder and surprise. In today’s Nigeria where Art, which should be sacrosanct, is generally consigned to the foundation, craftsmanship itself is by all accounts experiencing transgression: Due acknowledgment isn’t being allowed unto it.
It has always been the unlimited endeavors of those favored ones among us; else, arts would have been strange to us as a people. Nevertheless, we’ve chosen to assume our job by showing you where you can discover top art exhibitions in Nigeria.

Terra Kulture.
Located in Victoria Island, Lagos, Terra Kulture is a very popular destination for arts and culture in Nigeria. Its craft exhibition shows fine art by some of the most eminent names in the nation.

With around 30 known displays added to its repertoire, one of the best African eateries, and classes for nearby dialects, Terra Kulture is a unique standout among the most unmistakable Nigerian places for arts and culture.

Nike Art Gallery.
This art gallery can easily be mistaken for the “just do it” company Nike, but no, it is owned by Nike Davis-Okundaye. It is presumed for lodging around eight thousand assorted fine arts from different artist all over Nigeria. Its headquaters is in Lagos with 4 other branches located in different states of Nigeria. So hypnotizing is the presence of the exhibition that we won’t succeed if we attempt to depict it with words.

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GOD is a creative. . Few days ago I took a trip to @nikeartgallery with my brothers @vincyxtreme and @marcusonoja. . It was such an amazing experience for us all, seeing the beauty of African ingenuity, art that show cases the history of our rich culture, from fetishes to well sculptured pieces of art, with over 25k pieces of hand crafterd art, it’s one place you should visit. . With the whole experience it brought me to the scripture in Genesis 1 v 1 ‘in the beginning God created’ . God introduces himself to humanity as a creator, not a teacher, not a king, not a religious leader, but an intelligent and intentional being, all other titles are pretty important but then He chooses to show us His creative side. . Every plant, tree, the ocean is an expression of His creativity, the sun He placed in the canvas of the sky, the fishes well crafted to meander the water ways, everything shows an intelligent design. . We are Peices of Gods art, and the good news is He made us in His own image, what that means is He painted himself unto us, if God is creative so are you. . Let your creative juices flow, let your light do shine before men, you might not paint, but you can write, you can dance, you can sing, It’s time to be more intentional stop hiding your Art, let it shine, your art doesn’t have to make sense to everyone, develop the art excellently and your audience will find you. . What’s one thing you do so well? Share in the comments and invite us to check you out.

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But, it is important to state here that the five-story building display in lekki, lagos is accepted to be the biggest of its sort in West Africa.

Red Door Gallery.
Driven by the conviction that art is a definitive type of expressing man’s deepest thoughts, Red Door Gallery is one of those uncommon exhibitions that give a stage to craftsmen to express their inventiveness with no societal limits. The Red Door Gallery located in Victoria Island, Lagos is one of Nigeria’s biggest exclusive craftsmanship exhibitions.

Red Door invites and furnishes artist and art devotees with the ideal condition to inundate themselves in the order, where they can show, acknowledge, find out about, and bargain in workmanship.

Omenka Gallery
This family heritage is positively one of the nation’s driving displays with regards to present day/contemporary art. Omenka was set up by Oliver Enwonwu (the child of renowned Nigerian twentieth century current craftsman, Ben Enwonwu) in 2003.

Omenka displays speak to a fine choice of rising contemporary artist both in Nigeria and abroad.

Situated in the territory of Ikoyi, the display can be said to house the best collections of arts.

Thought Pyramid Gallery
Thought Pyramid which is located away from lagos, in Wuse, Abuja, features and observes African present day and contemporary craftsmanship. The gallery sacrifices a lot in instructing individuals of any age about established art specialists.

Around 40 Nigerian craftsmen displayed their work at Thought Pyramid to celebrate World Art Day in April.

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