Top 10 Strangest Places Humans Have Actually Lived

It is a well-known fact that every human has that inherent trait of curiosity in them which most times leads them into making the craziest of decisions, carrying out the strangest of experiments and sometimes venturing into the most unusual of places that are beyond our wildest imagination. In this post, I will be sharing with you 10 of strangest places humans actually lived. Without further ado lets begin:

1. A Stranger Closet

From bars of chocolates to loaves of bread- 57-year-old Japanese man was puzzled to always find food disappearing from his kitchen. Obviously, this couldn’t be the work of mischievous rat, so he set up a surveillance camera that was able to send him an image to his smart-phone of an intruder in his home. He swiftly alerted the police, and upon there arrival, they through ransacked the apartment and were gobsmacked to find 58-year-old woman Tatsuka Horikawa hiding in the top compartment of an unused closet. She confessed she has been living there for months and was responsible for the missing food. She used the bathroom when the homeowner wasn’t around and had a mattress, bag of clothes and plastic water bottles up there. She said she had nowhere to go to after kicked out by her landlord due to rent. Sad as her reasons may be, She was apprehended and charged for trespassing. How did she get in? The owner forgot to lock the door when going out.

2. With a Corpse.

You may be thinking this only happens in scary movies. Well, think again! A 72-year-old woman in Michigan lived with the corpse of her dead roommate for more than a year because she doesn’t want to feel lonely. After the death of 62-year-old Charles Zigler, Linda Chase who was her longtime friend and room buddy for 10 years refused to call the police. Instead, propped his corpse up in a rickety chair facing the television. Just like what her dead friend would do every day, Linda bathed him and wore him cleans clothes, It got weirder when she confessed she would always talk to him and made the dead body watch NICASA all the time- I guess they both watched it often when Charles was alive.

3. In a Shopping Mall

After watching a holiday ad that talked about how wonderful it would be to live in a mall, Micheal Townsend was inspired and was keen to make it a reality. In 2003, Townsend and some of his artist friends made their strange fantasy come true when they made a home out of abandoned space in a Rhode Island Shopping mall. These crazy friends found a way to sneak tons of construction materials into the mall to create a well-furnished studio apartment. The apartment was hidden from shoppers by a wall of cinder block, and when nature called, they used the mall bathrooms. This group of friends lived in the mall for three weeks at a time for more than two years and had plans of enhancing the pace. Anyways, luck ran out of them when they were visited by security men. Townsend pleaded guilty to criminal trespassing and was sentenced to a six months probation.

4. In a cave

The staffs at the Department of Energy in New Mexico taught they were dreaming when they discover an aged man living in on their caves. 56-year-old Roy Moore had been eating and sleeping there for four years. The cave had a bed, solar panel, wood- burning stove and satellite radio ( probably to listen to county songs I guess) He was enjoying his time there not until thick smoke from the furnace started coming out from the cave, the organization was mystified and sort after the source. They discovered Roy more and handed him to the police. His properties were evacuated from the cave, and he was heavily charged with misdemeanor drug offenses.

5. In An Ex-Girlfriend Attic
True love they say can drive someone crazy, that was the case of a South Carolina woman who called the authorities when she starts hearing strange noises from her attic. After telling her grown-up sons about it, they laughed at first, but after some days, they too began to listen to the same strange noises. Curious, they went into an investigation with baseball bats hoping it was a wild animal. They met the shock of their lives when they saw their mum’s ex-boyfriend dozing off on a heating unit filled with human waste and leftover food. The couple relationship ended 12 years ago and having been just released from prison, this crazy guy wanted to be close again to his onetime girlfriend. Adding to the craziness, the man managed to put holes in the ceiling vents to his ex-girlfriend bedroom. Hmm, I wonder what he was spying on, don’t ask me.

6. In the Jungle.

This is not George of the jungle but a Roshom P,ngieng of the jungle. At just the tender age of eight. In 1989, Roshom a cheerful Cambodian girl went missing while herding buffalo with her sister. Fast word to 2007, Roshoum was discovered by a local farmer caked in mud, naked and was trying to steal his rice. With the help of other farmers, they were able to bring her to the village where the father identified her by the scar on her upper right arm. Every attempt to transform Roshom P,ngieng failed, she couldn’t speak the local language and preferred crawling to walking. In 2010, She later fled back to the jungle and was found again in a latrine crying. Eventually, she was reunited with her father, and they both live happily in Vietnam. Unarguably, this story has the ingredients to be a blockbuster movie. While some believe Roshom was the missing 8-year-old girl, some skeptics think otherwise arguing it would be impossible for an 8-year-old to survive the harsh condition of the jungle.

7. In A mini Apartment.
Dominique was neither a dwarf or midget but lived in a tiny apartment less than 17 square feet for 15 years. The room was so small that he can’t even stand upright. Adding to the ridiculousness, His rent for that cupboard like the apartment was in the neighborhood of $442. When asked by French radio station RTL how he manages to live in such a tiny space, he said: “I Come home, I go to bed.” After getting public attention, the landlord was prosecuted because It is a known law in Paris for every apartment to have a shower and must be at least 97sq ft.

8. In Underground tunnels

After a series of copper theft, the authorities in Kansas City, Missouri began an investigation at a nearby grain mill. Expecting to catch copper thieves, the police were shocked to discover a quite distinct series of underground tunnel masked by debris and brush, where some homeless people as taken as their home. The tunnels were perfectly dug and ventilated with PVC pipe. One of the tunnels was 27ft! Upon reaching the tunnels, the police found diapers littered everywhere, mattresses and some food. The children, men, and women inhabiting the tunnels were quickly evacuated and was dismantled.

9. In a school Bus

A postal worker in Texas became worried when she kept seeing a young boy and girl on her route daily. The postal worker wasted no time in calling child welfare who took quick actions. The children were shabbily dressed, had disheveled hair and were always looking hungry. The girl was 11 while the boy was 5 and they have been living by themselves on an abandoned school bus. Their parents were behind bars for conniving in a conspiracy to pocket huge sums of money from victims of Hurricane Ike. Although the children were put under the care of their aunt, her 12 hours work, made are overwhelmed thus making the kids feel neglected. When the parents regained freedom, they were united back with their kids.

10. With No Contact
Get your hankies ready it is about to get teary. Out of the fear of religious prosecution, the lykov family left their home town and took refuge on a mountainside for 40 years. They were discovered, by a team of a geologist in Serbia in 1978. The family had two young children who had never set eyes on any other human apart from their family. Due to isolation, the children were malnourished, and their language was distorted and was surprised when they have never tasted bread before. The lykov family lived in a single room and survived on a diet of hemp seed ground rye and potatoes. Meat became part of their food not until the younger boy taught himself how to trap. They wore shoes made of bark and find a companion in online prayer books. The freezing weather in 1961 destroyed all the family crops, and out of hunger, they began eating bark and shoe leather. Like every mother that would smile in hunger, watching her child eat the food to their satisfaction, she later died of starvation. Refusing to accept help from the public, three of the lykov children passed away in quick succession. In 1988 their father after a prolonged illness the father passed away too, leaving only the one lykov named Afgia. Just like her family Afgia refused external help and spent all her life on the mountain.



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