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Top 10 Richest Rappers In The World In 2019

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For a long time, there has been a widely held notion that music can not make you a billionaire. However, these foreign rappers with their fat cheques and huge achievements prove otherwise.

They’ve put in the work and have served us with good music throughout their carers, hence the reason for their success. Most importantly, these rappers haven’t just relied on music but their series of smart investments have also been a contributing factor to their wealth.

Here are the top 10 richest rappers in the world and their net worth.

10. Lil Wayne – $ 150 million 

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Since the age of 9, Lil Wayne had been a part of Cash Money Records, selling millions of records and working with various artists. He ended his deal with the record label in 2018 and while many thought he was done, the rapper has continued to wax stronger earning a networth of $ 150 million.

9. Ice Cube – $160 Million

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After leaving the iconic N.W.A group in 1989, Ice Cube delved into other segments of the entertainment industry – movie making and acting. He has starred in and produced a good number of movies such as ‘Ride Along’, ‘Barbershop’, and the critically-acclaimed Straight Outta Compton.

8. Ronald Slim Williams – $ 170 million

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Alongside his brother Birdman, Ronald Slim Williams founded Cash Money Records which has managed the likes of Nicki Minaj, Drake,and Lil Wayne. He has a networth of $ 170 million due to his role as executive producer on any Cash Money record.

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7. Eminem – $ 210 million 

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In an industry that is typically black, Eminem has earned an iconic reputation and succeeded in becoming the richest white rapper of all time. He made a massive comeback in 2018 with his album Kamikaze which soared high on the Billboard Hot 100 and went Platinum. Although he has made a fortune from music, the other bulk of his revenue comes from smart investments in StockX and the online music company Genius.

6. Master P – $ 200 million

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Percy Robert Miller (aka P.Miller) pioneered the trend of rapper entrepreneurs we now have today. He started his record label, No Limit Records, as far back as the 90s and has since managed several big artists in the industry. From sex toys to fast food outlets and TV shows to properties, P.Miller deals in various ventures that have earned him his multi-millionaire status.

5. Kanye West – $ 240 million 

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Although Kanye West claimed he was broke a few years ago, he still happens to be one of the richest rappers in the world. And he seems to be bouncing back faster than ever. With his partnership with Adidas and the success of his fashion brand Yeezy, the rapper may one day reach billionaire status like his sister-in-law Kylie Jenner.

4. Russell Simmons  – $340 million

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Russell Simmons is a an American rapper and entrepreneur best known for co-founding record Def Jam Recordings. Before several allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced in 2017, the rapper made a great fortune from his clothing lines, record label, and more. At the moment, he has stepped down from his companies but still earn $340 million in net worth.

3. Dr. Dre – $ 800 million 

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Asides music, much of Dr. Dre’s wealth comes from his headphone company Beats Electronics which is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. His 2014 partnership with Apple, which was worth a whopping $3 billion, has seen him rake in multi-millions ever since. Till date, the former N.W.A member still makes millions from Apple stocks. In fact, he has every chance to make a comeback to the top spot once again.

2. P. Diddy – $ 835 million 

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One of the most influential rappers in entertainment, Sean Combs makes his fortune from different aspects of music including rapping, producing, and acting. Popularly known as P.Diddy, he has a networth of $ 835 million, making him the second richest rapper in the world. Besides music, P.Diddy also runs a clothing line, a highly successful perfume brands and many other ventures.

1. Jay Z – $ 1 billion

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Jay Z has always been high up on the list of richest rappers but last year saw him surpass his competitors and take the number one spot. His recent success can be attributed to his various business ventures asides his record label Roc Nation. Being a serial entrepreneur, Jay Z has massive investments in clothing lines, night clubs, a liquor company and so on.

He made history by becoming the very first hip hop artist to become a billionaire in 2018. Moreover, he and his wife Beyonce have a combined net worth of $ 1.4 Billion making them the richest couple in entertainment.

In the rapper’s words: “I’m far from being god, but I work god damn hard.” Indeed, he sure does!


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