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Top 10 Most Awkward Celeberity Moments On TV

Top 10 Most Awkward Celeberity Moments On TV

We are so used to seeing celebrities at their best that we often forget that they are prone to errors too.

Here are the moments that prove these celebrities are only human:

1. When Steve Harvey Accidentally Crowned The Wrong Miss Universe

The world was stunned when “Family Feud” host, Steve Harvey, accidentally crowned the wrong contestant as the winner of the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant. Harvey had first announced Miss Columbia as the winner of the pageant. Only realising his mistake moments later, he had to retract his statement, declaring Miss Philippines as the rightful owner of the crown. This muddle was one of the most jaw-dropping moments on TV. Harvey had to tender an apology to both contestants and described the blunder as a “huge mistake”.

2. Mariah Carey’s New Year Eve Performance Mishap

While performing at Times Square for the New Year’s Eve celebration of 2016, singer Mariah Carey suffered a major lip-sync failure. During her performance, the wrong song began playing and Carey struggled to keep up with the wordings of the song. At a point, she stopped singing and paced the stage, while urging the audience to complete the lyrics of the song “Emotions” for her. She told the crowd of over a million people:

“We didn’t have a check for this song… we’re missing some of the vocals, but it is what it is.” She added, “I’m just going to let the audience sing.” Here is a clip of the video below:

Following the event, Carey took to Twitter to downplay what had happened:

However, she was back with a better performance the following year.

3. When Jerry Seinfeld Refused A Hug

American comedian and actor Jerry Seinfield was granting an interview when singer Kesha came along and ventured for a hug with him. Seinfield was not however feeling the gesture and rejected her hug twice with a polite “no thank you.” He later admitted to not knowing who Kesha was. Kesha, on the other hand, described the moment as “slightly traumatizing”.

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4. When Madonna Made Out With Drake On Stage

Madonna is known by many for her antics and diva behaviour. This time around though, it appeared she took things a little to far while performing with rapper Drake at Coachella. The 60-year-old singer leaned in to forcibly kiss Drake and stormed out of the event, leaving the rapper in shock. After photos of Drake looking disgusted from the kiss went viral, the rapper spoke out in a bid to warn fans, saying “don’t misinterpret my shock”. He claimed he was pleased with the moment and called Madonna “The Queen”.

5. When La La Land Was Wrongly Awarded The Best Picture At The Oscars

This will perhaps go down as one of the most awkward award ceremonies of all time. The 2016 film La La Land had been given the award for ‘Best Picture’ and the cast of the movie were giving their acceptance speech when actor Warren Beatty came up to explain that there had been a mix-up. The award was meant for the film Moonlight and not La La Land.

6. When Beyonce’s Hair Got Caught In A Fan

Beyonce was performing her song “Halo” at a concert in Montreal when the unexpected happened. As she was pacing the stage, she suddenly jolted her head and edges of her hair got tangled in a fan close-by. While her bodyguards struggled to set her free, Beyonce weathered the storm by continuing to sing regardless of what had happened.

7. Fergie’s National Anthem Rendition

Some singers have the ability to sing a song and amaze the audience, however, this was not the case for rapper Fergie at the NBA All-Star game in 2018. Her rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner saw her struggling to reach the high notes to the amazement of onlookers. This performance was so awkward that it was called the “worst national anthem ever” by many.

8. When Justin Bieber Forgot The Lyrics To His Own Song

Justin Beiber was performing his 2017 hit song ‘Despacito’ but seemed to have forgotten all the Spanish lyrics of the song. The ‘Sorry’ singer had to improvise with new lyrics and it just turned out to be an awkward moment.

9. Jeniffer Lawrence’s Falling Spell

Here are just some awkward moments of actress Jennifer Lawrence falling in public. She always handled these moments with grace though.

10. When Adele Broke Her Grammy On Stage For Beyonce

Top 10 Most Awkward Celeberity Moments On TV

Adele won a total of five Grammys in one night for her 2017 album ’25’. While giving her acceptance speech and realising that she had beaten Beyonce for her album ‘Lemonade’, Adele amazed the crowd by breaking one of her Grammys to share it with the singer who she describes as “her inspiration”.

Which moment did you find the most shocking?


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