Top 10 Most Anticipated Series Of 2019

After months of waiting and suspense, 2019 is finally here! So get your popcorn in one hand and your favorite beverage in another hand, if possible get a new sofa, Yes! A new comfy couch because TV is going to be good this year. No one needs a crystal ball to stare at the series slated to drop this year to know that 2019 will be an exciting year for TV watchers. In descending order, here are the most anticipated returning and new series of 2019:

1. The Twilight Zone
This is not the first time “The Twilight Zone” have been rebooted. This 2019 production will be it 3rd television revival and considering neither of the last two attempts could match with the quality of the original 1959 series, I know you might be wondering how is this exciting? Well, I have two words for you Jordan Peele. The hilarious actor turn filmmaker established himself as one of the most important voices of horrors in 2017 “Get out.”Serving as this reboot presenter and executive producer, Peele’s will bring a different and inspired voice to the franchise bringing in to the anthology series with funny, emotionally resonance and timely social commentary.

2. Good Omens
The creepy and beautiful works of acclaimed author and comic book writer Neil Gaiman are admittedly tough to adapt. However, it has been proven that even Gaimen bizarre offerings can work with the right budget and creative team and with his collaboration with good actors and actresses, “Good Omens” looks excellent.Also, from the look of the series trailer, they absolutely nailed it.

3. What we do in the Shadows
Jamaine Clement and Taika Waiti 2014 movie “What we do in the shadow” is mockumentary on the life of eccentric vampires. Since its success, rumors of the film reimaging as a TV show have been up in the air for years. In 2019, “What we will do in the shadows” will premier as a television show on FX on 27th of March. with a new location and set of new vampires.

4. Big little lies (season 2)
We all certainly missed Monterey, where almost everybody is rich and some person pushed a guy down a flight starts at a classy karaoke night. Season two of “Big little lies” will go beyond the story of the book which season one was based. Is going beyond the vent of the book a good idea? I certainly think so; more drama lies in store for us.

5. Mindhunter (Season 2)
The problem of watching an exciting series is the long wait for a second season, This is the case of “Mindhunter”. Featuring many seasoned actors and delving into the minds of serial killers, we can’t wait to see exactly what it has for us in season two.

6. True Detective (season 3)
After the great success of season one, season two was a big yawn. Nevertheless, the thriller of 2019’s season 3 of the “True Detective” has something none of the previous season offered and will definitely wash the bad taste of season 2 from our mouth.

7. The Umbrella Academy
Emo kids and comic fans all over the world were happy when Gabriel Bas and Gerald way two volume comic “The Umbrella Academy” was announced to be a Netflix original series. The story revolves around six entangled siblings each with superpowers. When the siblings came together after the passing away of their adopted father, they found about a plot to destroy the universe. “The Umbrella Academy” promises yo brings a mixture of backy comedy, action and family drama.

8. Jane The Virgin (Season 5)
After we all saw a character who was gone came back in action, we were all shocked, and the question on everyone lips now is; What will happen? Are Anezka and Louisa new BFFs? Well, no need to worry, we will find out in 2019.

9. Stranger things (Season 3)
Our sweet and brave kids are back! The last we saw was them happily dancing at the Snowball while Mind flayer watched over them from his extra-dimensional plane. What horror lies for Eleven and the other little brave hearts? Hmm…let’s just wait for July 4th to find out.

10. Game of Thrones (Season 8)
Boy oh boy, what a mixed bag of emotion, On the one hand, we are eager to get more of “Games of Thrones” on the other side it is painful to realize this is the end of the amazing adventure we have been on since 2011. who knows what winter will offer for the Lannisters, Targaryens, and Starks, but whatever happens, it is going to be a hot and exciting conversation among everyone.



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