Top 10 Fastest Goals in The Premier League

The English premier league is generally recognized as the most competitive league in the world. Home to some of the most exciting club football rivalries in the world, the English Premier League has produced many incredible talents since its inception. One highlight of the English Premier League is its goals.

Different types of wonderful goals have been scored in the League, from magnificent volleys to subtle chips, from dazzling curling shots to breathtaking free kicks, from goals scored immediately after kick off to last minute goals, we have seen and will continue to see these types of goals.

We saw one of these types of incredible goals when the first games of GameWeek 24 of this season were played mid-week.

Sergio Aguero found the back the net 25 seconds after kick-off for Manchester City on Tuesday’s away loss to Newcastle United. Even though Aguero scored before we sat down to watch the match, astonishingly his goal isn’t among the top fastest goals scored in this historic league. Not even close.

The fastest goals in the English Premier League were scored much earlier than Aguero’s. So which goals were the fastest and who scored them? We dug into the history books and compiled a list of the top 10 fastest goals in the English Premier League. Check it out:

  • Jay Rodriguez (Southampton) – 13.68 seconds 2013/14

  • Asmir Begovic (Stoke) – 13.64 seconds 2013/14

  • James Beattie (Southampton) – 13.52 seconds 2004/05

  • Kevin Nolan (Bolton) – 13.48 seconds 2003/04

  • Chris Sutton (Blackburn) – 12.94 seconds 1994/95

  • Dwight Yorke (Aston Villa) – 12.16 seconds 1995/96

  • Mark Viduka (Leeds United) – 11.90 seconds 2000/01

  • Christian Eriksen (Tottenham Hotspurs) – 10.54 seconds 2017/18

  • Alan Shearer (Newcastle United) – 10.52 seconds 2002/03

  • Ledley King (Tottenham Hotspurs) – 9.82 seconds 2000/01

Asmir Begovic’s goal, which he scored against Southampton, holds the Guinness World Record as ‘the longest goal scored in football’ as the ball covered a distance of 91.9 meters before crossing Southampton’s goal line.

Do you think anybody can beat the current record of 9.82 seconds?


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