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Top 10 2face Songs of all Time

Top 10 2face Songs of all Time

He is regarded as a legend in the Nigerian music industry and this is undisputed.

Nigerian singer Tuface since his emergence on the scene over 2 decades ago, has continued to churn out great songs revolving around different themes and genre.

The singer who was formerly with boy band Plantashaun Boys has proved his worth with not just his music prowess but his activism.

Here are the top 10 2Face songs of all times.

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African Queen

African Queen is 15 years old already and talks about African beauty and women learning to accept the dark skin tone. The song via his lyrics also celebrated all African women, telling them of just how beautiful they are.

Only Me

This song has one message and that os learning to stand for who we are and never letting anybody bring us down. This song is quite powerful as it reminds everyone of just how strong we are individually and why we must never allow anyone to bring us down regardless of the condition.

Oya Come Make We Go (feat. Sauti Sol)

2Face collaborated with Sauti Sol, a band from Kenya for this 2016 hit. The record basically advises people to work hard because nothing comes in our life without trying. for whatever they want as nothing will be magically placed in our hands if we do not work for it.

Coded Tinz (feat. Phyno and Chief Obi)

Another song of encouragement which sees 2face telling us to value and appreciate what we have. Despite being a party groovy song, this song is packed full of great encouraging messages.

4 Instance (feat. V.I.P.)

A beautiful song from his Grass to Grace album. The lyrics of the song reads thus;

For instance
Say i be the one wey dem give
Say i be the one wey dey make
For all man to benefit Abi
to make we disagree
to Abi to create chance
But now am not of importance

A beautiful song.

Holy Holy

The song tells us to desist from criticizing others and learning to appreciate peole for who they are instead of trying to bring them down.

Gaga Shuffle

“Gaga Shuffle” has since its release garnered millions of views on YouTube. Built with a danceable beat, 2Face in his usual fashion, employed deep words, to make it into a great song.

See Me So

Another song off of his Grass To Grace album. The singer in this track encouraged people to learn to love their neighbour, friends, parents, your wife or husband and so on. Its more about a song of learning to love and appreciate those around us.

True Love

2face in this record talked about people learning what true love is.

If love Is A Crime

Another love song from the legend. This particular song talked about fighting for true love when one finds it. 2Face in the song also advised against jealousy as it can ruin so many things.

If you know more 2Face songs, share with us in the comment section.


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