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Tooth Extractions: When Do You Need to Remove a Tooth?


When a tooth is infected, damaged or heavily decayed and cannot be restored, the best course of treatment is often a tooth extraction.

Tooth Extraction Plano is the removal of a tooth. If the tooth cracks up, as is the case with many wisdom teeth, the dentist will cut through the jawbone and gum tissue to access the affected tooth. This treatment is performed by a dentist or oral surgeon and requires care afterward to ensure the right healing.

Why Would You Need Your Tooth Extracted?

Extractions are carried when a tooth is extremely damaged, decayed, infected or has experienced damage and cannot be repaired by a restorative procedure. A tooth should not remain in the mouth if it is badly decayed, for risk of the infection worsening or spreading to the other teeth. In addition, it is best to extract a tooth that has experienced trauma or damage. Another instance where a tooth may need to be extracted is due to overcrowding.

Types Of Tooth Removal Procedures And What To Expect

There are two types of tooth removal procedures: simple and surgical extractions. For the two types of removals, the dentist will try and numb the area around the extraction place, and the procedure is virtually painless, although many patients report feeling a bit of pressure during the treatment. Tooth Extraction garland aftercare is very important for healing, pain management and to reduce the risk of infection.

Simple tooth removal is done on a tooth visible just above the gum line. The tooth is loosened using a dental tool called an elevator, and then the dentist pulls the tooth from the socket using a pair of forceps. A simple extraction needed for many reasons, most commonly due to tooth decay, crowding or trauma.


The surgical tooth extraction is always needed when the impacted tooth (has not erupted above the gum line), a tooth is broken below the gum line or must be removed in pieces.
A surgical tooth removal is needed in every complicated cases of curved roots or entangled when the bone around a tooth is dense, or when the roots of a tooth are long.

How Much Will A Tooth Extraction Cost?

Price varies based on the type of removal needed, taking into consideration whether the extraction is surgical or straightforward, and how sophisticated the case is.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Tens of thousands of wisdom teeth removal surgeries are performed every year. Wisdom teeth are removed often because they are capable of causing damage to the other teeth, the mouth does not have enough space, or because they can push the rest of the teeth out of alignment.

Wisdom teeth also cause pain and discomfort as they shift, thrust into the other teeth or begin to erupt in the mouth, although many patients who need a wisdom tooth removal may not feel any vex from the teeth.

Whether or not wisdom teeth extraction is necessary depends on a patient’s case. The emergency dentist will take some x-rays to determine the positioning and movement of the teeth. In instances where wisdom teeth cause irritation, disruption of daily activities, or pain, it is best to remove the teeth. In addition, if a patient is experiencing changes in bite, alignment or impacts to other teeth, the dentist will likely remove the teeth.


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