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Toke Makinwa: 5 Must-Know Things About The OAP Goddess

Toke Makinwa: 5 Must-Know Things About The OAP Goddess

Media personality Toke Makinwa is a force to reckon with in the entertainment world.

The OAP and blogger since hitting our airwaves as continued to prove the ‘baby-girl’ life is what we should all crave for.

Here are 5 things you probably did not know about Toke Makinwa.

She became orphaned at a young age

Toke revealed in her book ‘On becoming’ how she lost both parents to a freak accident in their home.

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“Ruth, unaware of the danger, had put on the gas cylinder and tried to light the cooker. She died in the first blast. Grace survived the first blast but later died in the hospital.

“In the movies, you sometimes see a scene with someone burning from head to toe, screaming and trying to fight the flames. It happened right in front of me. Everyone ran back trying to figure out who it was and how to put out the flames, shouting advice from a safe distance.

“It took me a moment to realize that it was my mum. I stood glued to the spot, watching her burn… Even after they were driven to the hospital, I could still smell it.

“My mum’s friend spotted me in the crowd and took me and my siblings to her house. We were already there before we realized that none of us had seen my baby brother and cousin.

“My mum kept asking for her children, yet when my brother was brought into her room to see her she refused to look at him. She was burned all over and in a lot of pain. She died before she could be sent abroad.

“My dad kept asking for his wife. Nobody was brave enough to tell him the truth.

“The day he died, it was unexpected. He had been responding to treatment and was lucid, having conversations with the people that came to visit him.

“He was lying quietly in bed one minute and the next he was agitated, calling my mum by name and asking her to open the door because he wanted to be with her.

“Present in his room at the time was a nurse who was born again, and she knew instantly that the door he was asking to be opened was no ordinary one.

“She asked for everyone to start praying and pleading with the unseen to keep the door shut, to prevent him from leaving

“He kicked in the air like he was struggling to kick open that door and their voices grew even louder.

“Dupe, please don’t open the door,” they kept saying. “Dupe, remember your four children, close the door.”

“Their efforts were wasted. He passed away right before their eyes.

Her favourite food is Amala and Ewedu

The blogger has revealed that she enjoys a good meal of amala, ewedu and gbegiri. In her words; “My favorite food is Amala, Gbegiri and Ewedu. I don’t get to eat that as much as I’d love to but every time I go to like a local restaurant I always order that.”

Her loves Ibiza

According to the media personality, Spain is one place she loves vacationing. In her words;

“My favorite holiday destination is Spain. I would go to Spain over and over again. I love Marbella. It’s so beautiful there, the people are so nice.”

She does not like weddings

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Toke has once revealed she is a big softie and cries a lot reason she does not like attending weddings. “I cry easily. I’m a big softie. I’m a hopeless romantic – I don’t go to weddings because I cry a lot. That’s one thing people don’t know. People invite me for their weddings and I don’t turn up, and they don’t understand why.  I’ve been to a few weddings and I cried my eyes out.”

She has no problem adopting

Toke who was formerly married to Maje Ayida revealed that she is very open to adoption as she sees nothing wrong with it.

“I’m very open to adoption. I find it very weird when people talk about having kids and they say, oh you kids must be your kids and I think it’s such a selfish way to live because there are a thousand children out there who could do with some shelter. Even when I have my own kids I’ll still adopt. I think it’s such a beautiful thing; it’s a way of giving back. People help us in different ways, and if you can bring that sunshine to someone else, why not?”


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