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Toilet Tips That all Female Travelers Should Be Aware of

As a woman, it’s just not as easy to use any old toilet, here are a few tips that could help.


One major issue for female travelers is toilets. As a woman, the struggle is very real and is not for the weak(in the bladder). Reading these toilet tips for female travelers will help you and also save your day.

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  1. Pocket Tissues.My sister, you have to get into the habit of pocketing tissues and napkins at every opportunity you see o. From restaurants and even other bathrooms sef, pocket it. To be caught without toilet paper is not a joking sturvz and it is definitely not fun, so make it a point of duty to always put one in your bag so as to avoid the drama that involves the bladder.The hack to taking tissue with you everywhere is to simply take the cardboard from the middle of the roll and press it flat to save space. It’s better to keep your stash in a plastic bag to avoid it getting torn to shreds or damp.
  2. Build up those leg muscles.Shebi they asked you to do crunches and all those other exercises but you refused? You have come to meet it here Ma. Building up your leg muscles can help you deal with squatting in the toilet which is especially helpful for hovering over toilets that are outside of your home or that are of questionable nature.
  3. Carry a scarf.I am sure you are wondering what a scarf has to do with anything. My sister, when you travel to countries like Mongolia and all you can see is an open field, you will get it but it might be too late. Sometimes you will encounter situations where there is no toilet at all, and in cases like that, a scarf can be used as a privacy curtain. You can tie it off on some bushes for extra coverage, make a door in places where doors in bathrooms are optional or even missing, or have your wonderful bobo hold it up behind you so your entire behind is not showing to all and sundry.
  4. Carry sanitizer or wet wipes.Eh, if you do not have a sanitizer or wipes in your bag as a lady, I need to ask what exactly it is that you are doing because when there are no toilets, or when toilets aren’t well-kept,  there is often not a sink or soap for miles away. Besides the obvious, using it for your hands, you can also use sanitizer or wipes to clean down a  toilet seat before using.
  5. Don’t do shakara for the next toilet you see.Intentionally take a bathroom break when a toilet shows itself because you don’t know when you’ll see another one. Always use the toilet when you visit a museum, museum toilets are the cleanest public toilets, and they are usually free.

You are welcome, Sister.


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