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To text or to not text? 6 Tips that will help you answer

This is a very important question. Check out these tips that can help you.

To text or to not text? 6 Tips that will help you answer

Should I text? How many times have you asked yourself this particular question and how many times have you gotten the reply to this annoying question.

It is sometimes really hard to answer this question regardless of the position. It could either be a crush, a stranger you just met or even your partner and the pressure might still be the same.

The texting dilemma is one that usually kills new or potential relationships, that been said, your motive for texting should be considered carefully as there is a difference between texting for a valid reason and texting for an apparent reason.

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Finding excuses to text can be considered as an obsession and this is not a healthy trait of any human being.

Okay, so should you text or not……

  1. Are you always the first one to text?: If the answer is Yes then you should stop overextending yourself for someone who never bothers making an effort to contact you first. If you are the one who continually texts first and you are always doubting whether you should do it or not, you will never be truly happy.
  2. Did he/ she text you first?: If the answer is Yes, then you should respond. You don’t have to worry about this one. Simply send in your reply and then wait.
  3. Have you ever talked to the person in person before?: You get the drift, have you ever had a conversation before you are thinking of texting. If the answer is No, why don’t you try to talk on the phone first, to determine if you like the vibe or not?
  4. Are they making an effort in the conversation: Remember the golden rule of texting, if they are not making an effort, you should not make an effort too. It is as simple as that.
  5. How many times have you texted him/her today?: If you have already texted and you are still waiting for a reply 2 hours later, then you should not be sending another text. The reason is simple, if you send multiple text or messages to a person who is not replying, you’ll be tagged as desperate. If your desire to text is really strong, put your phone down and busy yourself.
  6. Are you in a relationship with the person? If you are in a relationship and you are asking yourself if you need to text him or her then you need to ask yourself what that is so. Is there something wrong? Is there a fight brewing? Has there been some neglecting on either or both ends? Whatever the case is, ask yourself first


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