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To PDA or not to PDA?

Public Display of Affection can be done right. Here’s 5 ways we know you can try.

PDA simply means, Public Display of Affection meaning to display certain acts of affection in the public view of others. PDA is considered a public declaration on how two people feel about each other while denoting their emotional connection.

Love should not always be expressed behind closed doors or in the dark. Sometimes let it see the sun or catch a whiff of fresh air. ”Unbox” it for the world to see.

Most times when PDA is mentioned, most people think its kissing in public or playing tonsil hockey in broad daylight. That is not always the case.

Here are 5 ways in which you can become a member of the PDA Community and still be civilized about it

  1. This is the simplest of it all. Walking hand in hand with your partner. You know that strolling that happens in movies? It is really a thing and you can try it from time to time.
  2. Touches that show love/care. These touches include gestures like brushing your fingers against each other when you’re waiting in line, slow dancing at a friend’s wedding. You can also stroke his/her hand during a dinner with friends or loved ones
  3. Putting up your partners picture on Social Media attached with 2 or 3 love lines. Sometimes this goes a long way in re-assuring your significant other and letting them know that you are not afraid of showing them off to the world. You can make it a bit funny by spewing bad love lines at random(something like you’re the palm oil that makes my ogbono draw or you’re the coco yam in my oha soup)
  4. Flirting with each other. This trend can be seen among celebrity couples on Instagram and Twitter. Harmless flirting with your partner via IM or text messages is a good way to display your affection for your partner.
  5. Compliments. Compliments go a long way in boosting the morale of an individual. Now imagine boosting the morale of the individual you are dating and doing it publicly.

Just to sound a note of warning.

PDA is supposed to be tasteful and good and the shorter it is,the better.
If your partner doesn’t like PDA, please refrain from it. If you want them to start liking it, talk about it first before applying any of the above. Don’t start butt grabbing on the first day, we don’t want your partner thinking 50 shades of grey is your new hobby.


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