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Tips to Help Prevent Eating Disorders

Tips to Help Prevent Eating Disorders

Eating disorders have increasingly become an actual and often fatal illness that are mainly associated with drastic changes in people’s eating habits and is often related to thoughts and emotions of a person. Common eating disorders that occur may include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge-eating disorders.

Here are tips to help prevent eating disorders:

Check Your Orientation

Today’s beliefs system, attitudes, and even behaviors towards your own body and the bodies of others have been shaped by the forces of weightism and sexism. Educate yourself about the genetic basic differences in body types; and the nature and ugliness of prejudice. The better you understand that there are differences in physical appearance and accept it, the better for you.

Check Your Mindset

Examine if you seem to be over-emphasizing beauty and body shape. Without realizing it, you create a window of eating disorder and depression in the process. Decide what you can do and stop doing to prevent such mindset that reinforce the vilification of being overweight and the glorification of slenderness.

Check with Your Doctor

Learn about and discuss with your doctor the dangers of trying to alter one’s body shape through dieting and the value of moderate exercising toward stamina and cardiovascular fitness. Let them educate you on the importance of eating a variety of foods in well-balanced meals consumed at least three times a day. Be a good role model in regard to sensible eating, sensible exercise, and self-acceptance.

Exercise Properly

Make a commitment now to exercise for the joy of feeling your body move and function effectively, not necessarily to purge fat from your body or compensate for the calories you’ve eaten.

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Engage Thoughtfully

Also, make a commitment not to avoid activities such as; swimming, running and dancing simply because they call attention to your weight and shape. Similarly, refuse to wear clothes that are too uncomfortable or you dislike, simply because they divert attention from weight or shape. Feel free with yourself and body.

Take People Seriously

Practice taking people in general and women in particular, seriously for what they say, feel, and do, not for how slender or “well put together” they appear.

Appreciate Who You Are

Appreciate and resist the ways in which television, magazines, and social media have portrayed their own version of physical appearance to distort the true diversity of human body types and imply that a slender body means power, excitement, and sexuality.

Teach Your Children Early

Encourage your children to be active and to enjoy what their bodies can do and feel like. Do not limit their caloric intake unless a physician requests that you do this because of a medical problem.


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