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Tips on How You Can Shorten Your Nighttime Routine

Sometimes, your bed calls your name loudly. Here are tips that will shorten your routine and respond to its call quickly.

You probably are the kind of person who sticks to a 10 minutes routine for your skincare, if you are being honest, it takes away a chunk of your time before bed and because it does that, you do a half job of ridding your face of makeup and dirt. To shorten your nightly beauty routine and still do what is needed, follow these tips.

  1. Keep your skincare items organized.Most times, you’re reaching for tubes from one place and then moving to your sink, before heading to the shower. You need to ditch the habit of walking all over the place and just organize your beauty products in one place. This will be of great help on those nights when you can barely keep your eyes open.
  2. Cut down your steps by knowing your non-negotiables.We all know that cleansing is a non-negotiable any day, any time. A way to determine which of your steps should stay is to know your skin type. Do you have dry skin? Then you should keep your face oils and moisturizers. Do you have acne-prone skin? Then do not skip whatever treatment your dermatologist recommended. All in all, know what works for you most importantly and then ditch the extras.
  3. I Repeat, Cleansing is non-negotiable.We both know that makeup and dirt are two things you don’t want on your skin when it is bedtime. You have to cleanse the skin to help prevent the spread of bacteria, which cause breakouts. Have a cleansing routine that gets rid of makeup and dirt.
  4. Use multitasking products.You can keep your skin concerns under control despite cutting down the steps by choosing products that work in more than one way.  For example, you can choose to cleanse, tone and moisturize by investing in products that help in those three areas. It is much quicker and less time consuming to have a multitasking product.
  5. Leave the other sessions for weekends.Exfoliating is best done on weekends when you have all the time to yourself. On weeknights, the focus should be on cleansing your skin as quickly as possible but making it as thorough as you can. Don’t forget that your skin repairs itself and rejuvenates in your sleep, not just through beauty products. That is another reason why it is recommended to get as much shut-eye as you can. Preferably, 8 hours. Imagine how much repair and rejuvenation can happen in 8 hours.

These 5 tips will help cut the time in your skin care routine thereby allowing you go to bed a little earlier.


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