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Tips on How To Fall in Love and Stay There

There is nothing like instant spark and we all know it.

Twitter users argue on if a woman should chase a man. See Their Responses!

Are you wondering how it is April and you are still your same old single self? You might be doing this love and dating thing all wrong.

If you want to finally find love in 2019, follow these tips that will help correct common dating blunders and open you up to the possibility of meeting the right guy. These tips are not set in concrete and workable depending on the temperaments of each lady.

  1. Love will not just fall on your lap.
    One mistake that single women make is wanting love and not really working to find Nothing(including love) fall on your lap. Some effort needs to be put in it. Every  other in life needs some amount of effort, what makes you think something as important as a relationship would not take effort?”
  2. Newsflash: The type you’ve always wanted for might not be it at all.
    Another common dating mistake committed by women who do try to find love is having the wrong patterns for going about it. They have a wrong system and they really have not figured out the kind of partner who’s a good fit for them.  Many women who are so attached to a certain type and most times, that type is not necessarily a good fit for them.
  3. Are you really done with dating or you are just scared of getting hurt again.When most women say they don’t want to be in a relationship anymore, it most times is coming out of fear or coming out of an informed decision. Santos says. It is actually okay if it’s an informed decision, but if it’s coming out of fear, every woman in that shoe owes it to herself to overcome that fear so that they could really give their best at something that, deep down, they actually want.
  4. Make space for love in your life.Create space in your life for the possibility of a partner.  Set aside the amount of time in a week you would normally allow for a partner on meeting friends and new people and deepening your connections with them. Very soon, normal movie hangouts with the team might turn into regular date nights with the new boo.
  5. Look for love in the right places.
    Once you’ve made space in your life for meeting prospects, it’s important to do so in places that are not hopeless but actually encourage meeting the right kind of person.
    Get involved in groups and activities where you are likely to meet men who have the same interests, mindset, and vision as you do. Let’s be real here Ma, apart from movie actors, nobody realistically falls in love and gets a deep connection after just one meeting.


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