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Tips on Expanding Your Vision and Limits

Tips on Expanding Your Vision and Limits

Have you ever felt you could do more? That residing in you is a force that tells you can go further and reach higher?

The stronger the connection you have with your being, the easier you will be able to expand your limits. What we are saying is that there is a willingness to imagine more for your life and present circumstances.

Having low self-confidence and esteem usually results in small and sometimes non-existent dreams. If you don’t believe in your ability and that you are capable or deserving of something better, then naturally you will settle for what you can get or already have.

You may naturally notice that your vision automatically expands as you begin to feel better about yourself, but you can also make it a more purposeful process.

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Here are simple exercises to expand your vision and limits:

Write Down a Description of Where You Are in Your Life Right Now

This include writing details about your relationships, career, financial situation, spirituality, health and fitness, and overall happiness. Note down which areas you are satisfied with, and those you wish to improve. Be honest with yourself as this is the first step to self-discovery.

Review the Descriptions You’ve written and Ask Yourself the Important Questions

Have you been holding back in any areas of your life? Can any of these situations be expanded upon? For example, you might enjoy your current job, but you have a wish to go further and become more. Lack of confidence may have prevented you from even considering going back to school for a degree, but as you build your confidence you might be feeling a desire to expand that part of your life.

So, What Next?

You don’t immediately have to take action on them, but be honest with yourself that you have a desire to accomplish more in your life. For each area of your life, consider ways to expand or improve upon them. Remember, you’re just brainstorming right now, so don’t censor yourself. Just take down notes and ideas for what you might like to create in your life eventually.

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Over time revisit these notes and see if you feel ready to make some personal changes. Ideally, you want to be in a mental state that makes challenges seem exciting  but rewarding.

Tip: If the thought of a particular challenge brings on too much anxiety, take your time you’re not yet ready.

The whole point of expanding your vision and limits is really about expanding your person and knowing what is possible for your life. Again, this will begin to happen naturally as your confidence grows, but you should also commit to being proactive with the process.


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