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Tips for Those Who Wear Their Clothes More Than Once

Those who wear their clothes more than once, this post is for you.

Tips for Those Who Wear Their Clothes More Than Once

If you wear your clothes more than once before washing them, this post is for you. Please leave all those people that are forming Mr and Ms Clean, they are not the reason I am here today.

When it comes to our clothes, not washing them after every single use can actually be a good thing because some of these clothes will just start fading before we finish the money we used to buy it.

The question I’m here to help you answer is how you can achieve this 2x wearing without also feeling totally repugnant. Because the absolute truth is, we’re only human, and humans sweat and smell too.

It’s natural, albeit annoying. The good news is, there are some great and super simple hygiene tips that will allow us(Yup, I am on the table) wear clothes more than once without things getting dirty.

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  1. Sniff! Sniff again: It’s natural for clothes to take on the scents of our body, whether it be the lotion we wear or our natural body oils. So just because they don’t smell like the detergent we used to wash it doesn’t mean they actually smell bad. If they actually smell like sweat or B.O. then it is time to throw them in the laundry basket.
  2. Shave regularly: Body hair can trap sweat which can foster bacteria growth and therefor odours. If you are someone who re-wears clothes before washing, shaving regularly is a good way to keep things fresher longer.
  3. Buy linen spray: These can be best defined as perfumes for clothes. It helps your clothes feel super fresh as if they’ve just been laundered even when they haven’t. Just spray directly on them.
  4. Hang clothing in the Sun: Our mothers were correct when they told us to hang our Sunday clothes outside after church. Studies have actually shown that hanging your clothes in the sun kills some bacteria even works best on dry clothes.
  5. Do not leave your workout attires in the gym bag: Most fitness buffs end up wearing gym clothes more than once, and that’s totally okay but do not keep your clothes in your gym bag overnight because the combination of the moisture from your sweat and the dark environment is a recipe for mould and bacteria growth. Instead, air them after every workout.
  6. Invest in sweat absorbent work out clothes: Another important tip is investing in brands that are specifically designed to absorb odours. They are obviously much more expensive but you’ll notice a difference in how long you can wear an item before it needs washing.
  7. These tips do not apply to socks: Same way underwear (both Male and Female) doesn’t apply when it comes to wearing things more than once, socks don’t either. Socks are in the “single use” category.
  8. Take your bath regularly: This one is a no brainer but for the sake of some people, it’s definitely worth mentioning. Take your bath every day and make sure you get in the nooks an crannies that allow bacteria to multiply.


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