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Tips for Finding Your Most Flattering Jeans

Going to get some denims soon? You should read these tips.

We assume you should know about these dressing rules by now. Still a novice? Here are they

Your jeans probably get more wear than any other item in your wardrobe which is why it’s so crucial to pick a pair that truly flatters you and, more importantly, makes you feel great.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you go shopping for your denim.

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  1. Be Picky About Pockets: If you want to take attention away from your butt, avoid back pockets with a flap, buttons, studs, or embroidery. Go for simple and streamlined instead. But if you want to focus on your butt, then get embellishments as they are a great way to fill out a flat butt.
  2. Step It Up: Whether you’re rocking skinnies, boot-cuts, or boyfriend jeans, slip on a heeled bootie or pump to visually elongate your lower half which helps everything from your waist down looks tighter and firmer.
  3. Get Your Boot-Cut On: Skinny jeans are great but boot-cut is the most flattering style, and it looks great on every body type. The silhouette, fitted through the thigh, nipped in at the knee, slightly flared at the bottom emphasises your curves in all the right places, while also visually trimming your thighs.
  4. Pull a Slow Fade: Jeans that are lighter in the centre of the leg gives the illusion of a long, slender figure. You should also avoid pairs with fading only on the butts or thighs if you’re looking for a slimming effect.
  5. Opt for Stretch: Choose jeans that are blended with lycra, elastane, polyurethane, or spandex, rather than 100 percent cotton.
  6. Cut the Crop: Cropped jeans on a regular will make it look like your legs are shorter especially when they hit above the ankle. To counteract the effect, pair them with heels.
  7. Get Twisted: Curved seams that cleverly snake their way around your calves distract the eye, making legs seem miles long.
  8. Supersize Your Back Pockets: The bigger your back pockets, the tinier your butt seems in comparison. So think big if you want a minimizing effect and then go the opposite way if you want to enhance your behind.
  9. Don’t go full wrath on Distressed Denim: Distressed jeans add interest especially if you have the needed swag to roll with it but you should keep the rips and shreds at a minimal.
  10. Shrink Your Prints: If you’re petite and want to try the printed denim trend, go for a small pattern like florals or mini-polka dots that won’t overwhelm your body the way a larger print would.


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