Tips for Becoming a Strong Self-employed Individual


Are you thinking about going into the world of small business ownership? You’re not alone as there are tons of people with similar mind-set out in the market.

Punting off a venture of your own is a strong move. If you are holding onto your day to day job, it is a good way to make some money in your spare time, and if you play your cards right, it can even replace your current career.

The best way to become a self-employed person is to do so with thorough research, a well-thought-out plan, and deep-seated enthusiasm.

Here are 5 useful tips for helping get your startup off the ground:

1. Choose the right niche or industry

Whichever niche or industry your enterprise falls in; make sure it’s really in your great attention. You need either to be extremely enthusiastic about it or have specialized expertise, but ideally, it requires, both. Make sure you’re passionate and informed about your business before pulling the strings.

2. Get your finances in order

When you intend to be a self-employed person, the primary resource required is the availability of funds to procure the process of setting the business. In these cautious times, banks and lenders have also grown more careful of lending money to any person without a stable financial course record especially in Nigeria which affects particularly the self-employed individuals. But as the number of self-employed people arises lenders realize that there is an expanding market which needs to be subserved. So although it may seem harder to get a self-employed Loan, if you’re self-employed, it isn’t impossible. These loans are available for and require no guarantor. The credit also helps to manage and set up the enterprise, advertise, and all the rest essential elements for stabilizing your foot in the self-employed world.

3. Take advantage of convenient technology

Technology can be a competitive advantage. Whether it is software or any other business, technology can make a difference. For instance, don’t acquire some program and learn the basics, try to really settle how it can be used to grow as an advantage for your business because actually, it can.

4. You have to have a passion

People call it passion, but it positively is boundless energy. It requires pure enthusiasm to plan and carry a company forward towards reaching its set goals.

Contreras-Sweet says. “You have to get up early, work late. It takes a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of energy; it takes a lot of yourself.”

5. Have a great business plan

I observe having a great business plan as a super significant factor in defining your likelihood of business success. In fact, much of the work that goes into a continued business plan you should already have carried even before deciding on your area of business. This is vital for every business.


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