Tips and Tricks to Master the Art of Flirting!

Innocent flirting undoubtedly brings more people to your life and makes you look more accommodating.

Flirting can sometimes be seen as being creepy and harassing. So you have to master the art of flirting innocently and showing that you’re as beautiful on the inside as the outside.

Below are some few tips and tricks to master the art of flirting.

  1. Make eye contact

Make sure you lock eyes with the lady and you get her to notice you. Glance at her occasionally and smile.

A smile is never hurting and it is a great way to catch the attention of someone. However, do not stare too much or you’ll risk the chance of getting punched in the face!

  1. Introduce yourself

Take the bold step to introduce yourself when she smiles back at you. Make sure that you approach her the right way. If she is with a group of friends, try to be part of their conversation and always remember to smile!

  1. Compliments

To make her feel comfortable, always agree with whatever she says. Complimenting her nicely will show that you are interested and make her feel good about herself.

Avoid paying a compliment on her physical compliment. Instead, you should compliment her personality.

  1. Your best move

When you guys have started to chat, it’s time for your best move. We all have the best move. Yours could be cracking jokes or singing.

Once you’ve found your best move, talk about it while you buy her a drink.

  1. Take her number and make future plans

Find out what she likes and try to make plans for taking her out. Do not officially ask her on a date. In the end, take her number.

  1. Confidence

Confidence is everything. When you wear a confident look, you can achieve a lot and win many hearts.

Ensure that you are well dressed and you smell nice. Wear a nice shirt and pair of trousers, and wear a confident smile.


What other tips and tricks do you think you’ll need to master the art of flirting?


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