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Three Ways To Prepare Well For Life After School

This one is for the undergraduates.

As an undergraduate, Life after school may sound a bit scary but if you do the right things while in school, you are sure to be ready for whatever comes your way. There are things you can do while in school to help you avoid lingering in the famous ‘Labor market’ after school.

So if you are an undergraduate (even if you are currently at home due to the ongoing ASUU strike), here are 3 ways to prepare well foe life after school:

  1. Solidify your references

More than likely you’ve worked really hard throughout the past semester or year and your dedication might even be evident in the relationships you’ve developed with your advisor or professors. Make sure you confirm with anyone that you’ve developed a strong relationship with if you can utilize them as a reference on your resume. Even if you aren’t actively searching for an internship or job at the moment, having their approval now will allow you to use their name in the future when you are searching.

  1. Start compiling a portfolio for yourself

Many degrees require you to have developed a portfolio upon graduation. Instead of waiting until your last semester to try to compile your best pieces from the past few semesters or years, start now! Ending each semester by adding to your portfolio will ensure that by the time you reach your last semester and you’re ready for graduation, you’ll also be ready to turn in your portfolio without rushing around to gather documents.

  1. Make a list of where you would like to work

If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything. Keeping a list of companies where you want to work after graduation helps you in aligning your interest with your future prospect. You will be fired up to learn about the culture of the company, what an entry level employee needs to know. With this list, you will be more deliberate with your job search and you will be able to efficiently use social media to connect with those working with the firm to get first-hand information from them.

Good luck!


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