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This is Your Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist

Want to know the essentials to pack? Read this post.

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Before you pack anything for travel, it’s important to start with the skin and bones of packing. Having the right tools to put your belongings in is extremely important.  Trust me, your life will be so much easier when you actually apply strategy to how you pack.

Wheeled suitcase: You should go for something sturdier, roomy and super sleek looking. Spinner wheel hardshell cases are the go-to if you want to travel.

Everyday bag: A mini backpack or cross-body bag that can fit a water bottle is a great option.

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Tops: You really don’t need that many shirts, especially when they are simple colours. Go with 5 or so and go with a mix of sleeveless and sleeved, as there will be instances where you need to cover up your shoulders.

Pants: Bring 2-3 pairs at most, depending on the season.

Leggings: You should love leggings. If you plan on working out, bring an extra pair so you can use the other for lounging.

Dresses: You need about 2-3 or so. Long or flowy dresses/skirts are really good for days when you plan on visiting places like churches and holy places. Aim for one of the dresses to be appropriate for both daytime and evening looks.

Underwear and socks: Bring five sets of each.

Shoes: Bring one or two pairs of comfortable walking shoes with good support and traction. For your second pair, consider sandals in summer. Flip-flops are also handy to have if you’ll be using communal bathrooms.

Sweater: Preferably a dark coloured one so it can be worn on multiple occasions.

Shawl/scarf: One of your must-haves. Not only can you use them for warmth or style, but you can also use them as a coverup in churches, as a towel, as a mat on grass/sand/dirt, as a quick rain shield, or as an emergency skirt if your bottoms get stained or soaked somehow.

Sleepwear: Leggings and an old t-shirt or workout clothes are all you need here. Travel does not require more that one sleepwear.


Hand cream, body lotion, face masks: These are highly recommended if you do not want to end up being pretty annoyingly dry.

Deodorant or Perfume: You can purchase a new one if it finishes on the trip but at least have yours handy.

Makeup: Bring only what you need.

Extra plastic baggies: Just because you never know, but they always come in handy.

Tissue Paper: Sometimes, your hands get dirty. Sometimes, there’s no toilet paper in the public bathrooms.

Earplugs: Very much necessary. Bring multiple pairs with you, because it’s so easy to lose these while you sleep.


Power Bank: Crucial, especially if you’re going to be out all day exploring and using your phone for Google Maps and such.

Noise-cancelling headphones: Always good to be able to get into the zone and tune people out. Not to mention, you can use them to watch Netflix all night without disturbing anyone.

Chargers: Bring multiple phone cords since they are light and easy to misplace.

Laptop: This is Optional and also depends on what you plan to do.

E-reader: Find an E-book app that appeals to you if you read a lot. It eliminates a lot of potential weight from actually carrying books.


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