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This is How to Identify a Decent Man (Part 1)

Not all Men are Scum, this post will help you on how you can sift through.

This is How to Identify a Decent Man (Part 1)

A decent man is very easily recognized and it is essential as women to be able to know and discern the kind of Man that is wanting to be our partner.

It’s very essential to be able to know these traits because some Men are narcissists; masters of disguise and can easily fool people.

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  • When you have something to say, he’ll pay attention to every single word: Even if you’re worried about something he might consider trivial, he’ll take it seriously because it’s important to you. He won’t interrupt you or get distracted even if he doesn’t agree with your opinion. Seeing as it’s not easy to listen to another person especially if they’ve brought up a subject you’re not eager to talk about but if he does it, he’s a decent man.
  • You are not an outlet for his negative emotions: He could have had the worst day possible but he’s not going to come back and take it all out on you. Everybody gets stressed out now and then but he’ll acknowledge that he’s having some issues and he’ll feel genuinely bad if he’s acted out to you. If you truly love him, you’ll do the same for him.
  • He’ll never let go of his humility and indulge in boasting: A decent man won’t brag and go on and on about all that he’s done. He of course takes pride in his work and would want you to appreciate him but he will not be boastful.
  • He’ll offer his assistance in all your endeavours: You might not be in perfect agreement but that doesn’t mean he’ll stop you if you truly wish to do something. He’ll only try to help you progress towards your goal because he appreciates your strength and what you can accomplish.
  • When he’s made a mistake he’ll own up to it: When he slips up, goofs or makes an error, he’ll acknowledge that it was his fault and he’ll apologize to whomever he’s hurt. Both of you do this for each other.
  • Even when times are tough or tight, he’ll look at the bright side: Life is full of ups and downs but a good man knows how to look for the silver lining in every cloud. He’ll be there for you whenever you need someone to have your back. This doesn’t mean he will not have his own dark days but he rests assured that you will support him the way he supports you.


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