This is how to deal with your kids, in today’s hard and fast paced changing world

This is how to deal with your kids, in today's hard and fast paced changing world

In today’s world most people are so busy earning money that they have completely ignored what is to be the future world leaders of our world.

The message we’re sending today is world wide, and we would like for all to know what you as a parent can do to make raising your kids a pleasant and memorable journey for you and our future to be world leaders. The information contained in this article will work for all, single parent as well as married couples.

When one conceives a baby in today’s world it is sent off after six to eight weeks to some daycare center to be raised by the daycare centers “workers”. I know many of us wish we didn’t have to do that, but if we have no choice who am I to condemn that. Just in case your wondering, your not alone in the world.

You are about to learn what it takes to make smiles out of the most degrading moments in your life.

My “MOM used to say and I quote:

Son no matter how hard it gets, even when you want to toss them in the fire. please remember that they didn’t ask to come into this world you brought them here”.

With those words I am going to shed light onto many years of sorrow and bring smiles.

Let’s start out with siblings that are just babies, do you recall how cuddly and cute they were. Well, do you know that those big old lumps of problems that your faced with daily is and will always be that same cute and cuddly baby, but in a full grown outfit. My Mama always said enjoy your kids and talk with them when they are young, because they grow up much faster than we think. If you can always just set your focus in your mind to that cute and cuddly moment, it will always make you smile and you will be a lot easier on your kids.

Let’s take when our babies start to progress and the first sounds echo through the home. Next will be the baby steps and then will be the moments of truth, the terrible two and three year olds. Well just remember that they are building their futuristic leaders capabilities.

Now when your two year old is just crying and you want to pick them up and toss them away, just think on my Mama words and say to yourself what can I do to make them ease down on the crying. They can’t talk and it is frustrating to them as well. Just pick them up and start playing with their tummy and kissing them and in no time you will see the tears are all gone. I call this the “TUMKIS”.

If you learn to speak grown up conversations with your kids, they will understand you much better. Save the baby talk, for future leaders need to learn how to communicate from a very young age.

When you pick up your one year, two year old or three year old from daycare, what the topic of conversation. You should always, start by asking how their day was. Now you will be hearing a lot of sound from those that can’t speak, but they make sounds and are really trying to explain to you how it was.

What can you do to prevent the toddler that get the tantrum and throws himself on the floor of the shopping mall in front of the whole world. This is the most embarrassing moment, but first off who is the parent. Well many parents start feeling the guilt trip. You simply pick them up and start playing the TUMKIS. Next you need to start adding words to behavior and let them know that is rude.

I want to stress one point here and I have seen so many parents fail at this. What tone of voice do you use when speaking to your kids?

I do hope that you use a different tone of voice when your mad, your kids can sense that tone of voice. They tend to pick up on that tone of voice very early. Use it often when your mad at what they did, but please explain to them why your mad and why your voice speaking in that tone of voice.

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One last point we would like to add!
When was the last you told your daughter or son you love them? Make it a practice that they kiss you every day, before they leave your home and when they go to bed. No leader in a kid that’s filled with hate, teach them the gentle roll of life.


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