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This is For You People Who Know What Dates Are and Have Actually Gone For One

What to do and not do on your first date.

This is For You People Who Know What Dates Are and Have Actually Gone For One

Please note that this post is not for people who do not go on dates of any kind and have no idea why it is an important thing. Biko just log off from here because this post is leading to deep waters you have never entered before and which you cannot swim in.

Those of you who still think it is important to start your relationship with the first date are the reasons why we still have hope in this generation. The fact that you even know that it is a thing in this age and time, we greet you with respect.

NUMBER 1: Only agree to meet when you feel like being social or in the company of others

DON’T: If you know that Lagos and traffic will not let you be at your best when the day ends, do not plan a date. You owe it to the other person to come positive and upbeat.  Pick a good time of day when you both can be relaxed.

NUMBER 2: Pick a good meeting place

DON’T: Let the location be loud as this would inhibit chatting or like a movie.  Pick something close or halfway between the two of you.  As a woman, be sure you know the area or you can get out of there as fast as you can.

NUMBER 3: Make an effort to look your best

DON’T: Meeting someone for the first time and looking shabby is setting yourself up for failure.  This does not mean you should spend money on a new outfit or makeup for every first date.  However, you know first impressions matter a lot so make an effort to look cute.

NUMBER 4: Come ready to have a casual and relaxed conversation

DON’T: Come with a list of questions which you babble off at record speed because no one wants to come for a date and be interrogated.  Allow the conversation to flow naturally while still asking the questions you really would like him or her to answer.

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NUMBER 5: Ask your date about him or herself

DON’T: Talk steadily about yourself as the worse dates involve boasting, talking about yourself and self-promoting to the point that it looks like you are on sale. Listening to what he or she says will tell you so much more than telling him about yourself.

NUMBER 6: Be present and show interest

DON’T: Thinking about something else when you are on a date with is a huge turn off!  If you are interested, make it known by making eye contact and acknowledging that you are having a good time.

NUMBER 7: Be open and honest in answering questions

DON’T: Pay attention to this, Do not talk about your ex’s, your crazy family or your crappy job. Do not bring negativity into the conversation. If your date is adamant of bringing up old stuff, try redirecting the conversation back to something lighter and fun.


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