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This being attractive game is not child’s play. Only serious contenders allowed

This is a must read for all women who want to be attractive.

This being attractive game is not child's play. Only serious contenders allowed

Forget the title of this post for a minute, everybody is fine abeg. Na money dey hide the things wey we need to dey on the attractive list. Just continue to work hard and smart, one day, the hustle will pay and this list na all of us go dey there.

For future sake, let us just put this post out there so that you can refer to it when pepper don rest wella.

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  • BE POLITE: Be a person that is known as polite and kind, even when you don’t need or expect a favor in return. This makes you look really good inside and out. And by doing this, people will recognize you as a good person and be willing to help you when you need something.
  • BE POSITIVE: I know you are wondering where the fashion tips are but before we fix the inside, let us work on the outside a little. Do you dig? Being known as someone who is generally positive will make people want to be around you and spend their time with you because you light up their day and add a bit of joy to it.
  • BE CONFIDENT: Think about it, what good will it do if you want to razzle and dazzle us but there is no confidence whatsoever to pull it off? When you are confident and look like you know exactly what you are doing and where you are going will make you more attractive. Being confident is not as easy as just saying “I will be more confident”. There is a lot of background work that must go into it but it is possible.
  • GOOD POSTURE: This is the key of all keys, I mean if this key is broken, just throw the remaining keys away because having good posture goes hand in hand with being confident. Your posture and the way that you walk says a lot about the person that you are. It is usually the first impression that you will be judged on. Not only that, having bad posture is going to cause you problems in the future.
  • HAVE THE RIGHT SHOE: Once you have decided on what to wear, no matter how amazing it may look or even feel on you, the wrong shoe can instantly turn everything down low. So it is very important to have a staple or basic shoe that goes with almost everything and to be on the safe side, your ideal shoe to go for would be a black or nude shoe.


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