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This 20 Years Throwback Photo of Celebrities is All You Need To See Today

Veteran actress Tricia Esiegbe sent many online on a 20-year journey after she took to her IG page to share a throwback photo of some celebrities. The photo was taken 20-years-ago.

Sharing the image, Tricia wrote;

“20YRS..CHALLENGE.SAMADORA MOVIE  SET 4 those dat ve requested hope i ve satisfied ur quest?. Pls tag them if u can recognise them. One Luv and respect to all of dem

Tricia m a few years ago she was caught in a husband snatching scandal.

Speaking on their marriage in a joint interview back in 2015, Kingsley, Tricia’s husband spoke on how they manage to stay together despite the high rate of divorce in the industry.

In his words;

Kingsley: I don’t believe marriages fail because of status or profession, it is always about the individuals; their feelings at the time, Are they happy or not? Do they want to address and fix their concerns or challenges? If yes, they will try and make it work.

The secret to our happiness is simply God and we invested more time in understanding of His word because it is a manual on its own. If you fear, respect and honour God’s words and commandments, you can only get it right in a relationship.

On how they manage disagreement, Kingsley said

There will always be differences in opinion and approach to situations. We try not to get into an argument or quarrel so we try to talk in a civilised manner. We also devise a medium to address issues within a reasonable time. We do not bear grudges and do not invite a third party to settle misunderstandings.

Tricia on her part said;

Communication in a marriage is important. If you don’t ask and get an answer from your partner, your imagination may run wild and the devil will take advantage of your confused state of mind. It is better to approach your partner and get the right answers.

On if marriage has deprived her of her freedom, Tricia stated that marriage is not a prison.

In her words;

No, it has not. Marriage is not a prison, so I still have my freedom to do whatever I like doing. We are in it together to support and enhance each other.My husband promised to allow me to do whatever I want and he has kept to his words.


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