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Thinking of Being Ugly? You are Not! Read These Article To See How To Become Handsome Almost Immediately as a Man

Beauty and Style magazines have not been helping you but we are.

Thinking of Being Ugly? You are Not! Read These Article To See How To Become Handsome Almost Immediately as a Man

So we are concluding this post on looking handsome today. If you read the first part well, you would have realized that there is nothing extra being asked of you. It’s more like being intentional on your part and taking your general body care very seriously.

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You do not have to buy a magazine or download PDF articles that give you 17 ways of looking like a mini-god. All you need is just to take care of you and upgrade your general body care.

  1. Change your habits from health to unhealthy: Do you know that your habits also play an important role in how healthy you look? Your habits define who you are and in the long run who you will become. The food you eat, the way you treat your body and the information you put in your brain define who you are.
  2. Get the clothes that define you: Instead of following trends and wearing what everyone is wearing, why don’t you focus on the styles that represent who you are. The thing is clothes have the power to make or mar you but it all depends on you.
  3. Have some manners: A well-trained man is a handsome man. Basic etiquette and manners go a long way in the grand scheme of things. If you behave like a jerk and eat like a pig, your chances of being considered handsome all round will be lesser because think about it, who looks a pig and calls it handsome
  4. Work on your posture: Thanks to the world we live in today, most people are developing a hunchback because of the long hours in front of a computer and what some men don’t realize is that this ‘hunchback’ that they carry around doesn’t just affect their spine but also affects the way women look at them. A straight-backed man is seen as confident while a hunch back man is seen as submissive and weak.
  5. Your Nails: Please take a look at your nails. Yes, look at them. Do they look kept to you? Are they too dirty, too long, broken or damaged? Please take care of them. They are part of your body too.
  6. Get a good night sleep: Getting enough sleep is not only important for your mood but also your overall well being. Sleeping good means you don’t have sleeping bags underneath your eyes in the morning or even looking haggard.  You have to make sure you get adequate rest.


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