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Things You Should Never Tell a Woman You are Dating

Dear Men, Do you want to know the things you should never tell your babe? Then read this.

Things You Should Never Tell a Woman You are Dating

Women who are beautiful and amazing are not easy to understand.  Their state of mind is definitely different from Men which is why that book Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus was a worldwide hit. This article might help you know what to not say when talking to your woman.

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  1. You have too many male friends: Excuse me Sir, do not play one of the weakest moves in the history of weak moves.  Telling your girlfriend that she talks to too many guys and you don’t like it is a mistake. Please trust and don’t be insecure. This does not apply if you have proof.
  2. You Don’t Look Good Today: Unless you want a moody girlfriend all day, this is not a good thing to say at all. Even if she is not actually dressed good enough. You can and should find a more nice and polite way to put it. I wish you, luck bro.
  3. I need or want your Passwords: This reeks of insecurity. This sudden ask for her passwords and you’re still on your third date, Sir calm down. If you’re dating someone and it’s been years, these things don’t matter one-bit but in fresh relationships, such mistakes build between you and your partner.
  4. Let’s Talk Later: If you suddenly end a conversation with your girlfriend without any explanation, she will know something’s up. Don’t, ever, end a conversation abruptly and tell her you’ll talk to her later. She would build a million questions and stories about it.
  5. I Love You, Let’s Start Dating: Uncle you have to be calm o. If you’re interested in someone you need to take your time with her, you can’t just tell her you love her and want to date her. You need to build chemistry first unless you want to be in a one-sided relationship where you won’t be given any respect.
  6. Give Me Your Phone: Unless you want to take a selfie or a random picture of her, do not be this kind of guy. If you see her texting or calling, don’t ask for her phone, you might get her phone but you will lose her in return.
  7. I’m Super Critical: If this is who you are, keep it in your pocket because the fastest way to lose your girl is being critical. The next worst thing is supporting those intending actions with words.
  8. Do you really love Me?: This phrase really oozes of desperation. You do not want to be the kind of man that seeks validation all the time. The kind of man who is not sure where he stands with his woman.
  9. Spy Agent: So she suddenly wasn’t able to pick up your call or reply you? Please do not suddenly become James 007.
  10. How Many Guys?: You cannot ask this offensive question at all. You want a body count statistic of the person you are dating? It might be permissible to ask such questions when you’re so deep down in the relationship but you have to be sure that if the answer is not what you expected, you will still be okay with it.


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