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Things You Must Stop Doing in Your Relationship Right Now

Stop keeping a list,your relationship is not a competition. Read more to find out.

Want a healthy relationship? These are basic rules to apply if you want an immediate change

See, let us be honest with ourselves here, a lot of people do a lot of things that constantly damage their relationships, something along the lines of self-sabotage if you ask me. The need to continually quarrel, fight, bicker is something that is ingrained in some people. Today’s post is to let you in on some of the things that you are doing and you need to stop right now because it is part of what oils the tension. It will also help to minimize your chances of damaging your relationship beyond repair.

Nobody is perfect, so you are still bound to make mistakes no matter how hard you try not to, but this article is going to help you make fewer mistakes.

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  1. Showering them with gifts as an excuse to hide your mistakes: Although you know that money can not buy love, not even small, you are still pouring it down the drain because you made mistakes. Instead of hiding it, talk about it, own up to your mistakes, do not try covering your problems by showering your partner with gifts and other things. It will not matter when they find out and trust me they will.
  2. Being more jealous than needed: Small jealousy is good, it adds spice to the relationship sometimes but you see this over the bar own you are doing? Mbanu. Stop eet. Do not let that small insecurity develop into something big, so big that it leads to fights.
  3. Thinking your partner is your “life”: I have talked about this in previous posts and explained how it is an all-round bad idea to have this mentality. When you give someone this much power, you’re putting them in a very dangerous place where they have to think a hundred times before making a move, because they might make a mistake and your entire universe would collapse in a nanosecond.
  4. Giving them ultimatums: Wait, you give your partner ultimatums? Emotional ultimatums? Please do not be this kind of person. Do NOT give ultimatums. Ultimatums in relationships are a form of emotional blackmail, and even though they seem like ordinary words, they hurt deeper than you can imagine.
  5. Being mysterious or keeping your feelings inside: Your thoughts are yours alone and no one has the power to get into your mind and dig out what’s happening in there. You need to speak your feelings out. It’s very damaging to keep something negative inside in the hopes of your partner realising it on their own because they won’t. They are not mind readers, so speak if there is a problem.
  6. Don’t keep a list of mistakes: How you can keep a list of mistakes your partner made is beyond me. Your partner is human, and they will hurt you at some point without even realising it. But strength comes into play for you when you forgive and forget. Don’t even keep a small memory of those events anywhere in your head. You should throw that list away, in fact, burn it first.


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