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Things You Can Only do in Rainy Season

Wondering what to do now that the rains are here? Read this post to find out.

Things You Can Only do in Rainy Season

Rainfall makes itself a priority at certain times of the year in Nigeria, passing through from the south to the east and often getting to the northern part of the country in late June or July.

People most times think the rain prevents them from having any sort of outdoor fun but there’s still plenty to do in the rainy season. Here are 7 of the best experiences around.

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  1. Take a dip in the Wikki Warm Springs: Nigeria is blessed with various warm springs, each with its own unique features and this one in Bauchi offers a nice warm dip after a long day out in the rain.  It has a constant temperature of 31.1 °C (88 °F) throughout the whole year.

  2. Experience ice rain In Jos: Snow does not fall in Nigeria unlike some parts of the world but the closest thing to snow is the ice cube drops. Jos in Plateau State experiences a regular temperature of about 17°C (63°F) during the rainy seasons.

  3. Admire the sunset at the Atican Beach Resort: You can watch the sunset as it’s done in the movies at the Atican Beach Resort in Lagos. This pristine ocean side-scenic spot is definitely one of the cool places to hang with your loved ones.

  4. The Yankari National Park: This National Park is a delight for any wildlife enthusiast. It has the largest surviving elephant population in the country and it also supports the endangered West African lion. Other animal populations within the park include buffaloes, hippopotamus, roan antelopes, western hartebeest and several monkey species

  5. An evening at the Afrikan Shrine: What better way is there to relax during the rainy season than at the New Afrikan Shrine? The shrine offers live music, good beer and some of the finest Nigerian delicacies.

  6. Check out Gurara Waterfalls: This is where you will find Nature in its purest form. The waterfalls are approximately 30 meters in height. The rainy season makes for the best time to visit the falls as the water flow intensifies and it is clear-crystal.

  7. Go kayaking in the city: Kayaking in the heart of Abuja promises a serene and enjoyable experience. The rainy season makes it better because the water rises above the normal level and makes it a fun activity to try out with friends and family.

  8. Go see a movie: There are different cinemas in various parts of the country. Find one closest to your location which shows the top box office movies at different times of the day. Rather than shutting yourself in the house, take a cab to the nearest film house and buy a movie ticket.


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