Things To Consider Before Going To Study Abroad

Things To Consider Before Chosing To Study Abroad

How does going abroad for your postgraduate study sound to you? Seems like an excellent idea right? Well, it actually is. You get to experience life in a different country, maybe learn a new language, and of course, add that ‘international’ touch to your CV.

But it is never easy to decide where exactly to go abroad for your studies. To help with that, we have put together a few things you should consider when thinking of going abroad for your postgraduate studies.

  • Tuition fees

It goes without a saying that fees are an important factor in selecting where to study. Europe is a favorite destination for a lot of people due to the low fees obtainable there (compared to America) but non-EU or EEA international students tend to pay higher fees than their counterparts from Europe. Some countries like Germany, France and Norway are exceptions to this rule though, treating international PhD and Masters Students the same as EU / EEA citizens.

Many universities however have generous scholarship packages for international students, so make sure you check them out and do adequate research before sending out applications.

  • Course outlines and length

Usually, different countries offer different course outlines and also, the period of study (how long it takes) differ from country to country. For example, Masters courses in most countries across Europe typically last for two years while in the UK, it is for 1 year.

In the same way, there is a difference in the manner at which PhD and Doctoral Research programs are treated all around the world.

  • Location

Would you like to study in a place with scenic views and elaborate landscapes? Or in a busy city with several opportunities? Or even in a small country with peaceful environment? You can answer these questions with your choice of location.

Some other things to bear in mind when selecting a place for your postgraduate study include the language of your intended country, the level of friendliness of the people in the country and yeah – do not forget to consider culture shock.

Good luck!


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