Things They Never Told You About Having a 9-5 Job

How did you feel when you got your first job? Ecstatic? So excited that you were about to hyperventilate? Called your friends and family to boast that you’re now in the working class?

Having a 9-5 job in a reputable company can be the best thing that can happen to you after graduation…but there are some things that no one tells you about it.

Let’s find out what they are!


  1. It’s actually not a 9-5 job

You’re going to be working extra hours without getting an additional pay. That’s what goes with a 9-5 job. You’re expected to resume by 8:00 am and close at nothing less than 6:00 pm.

What if there is a job that requires completion on time? You will definitely work till 8:00 pm without expecting a ‘thank you’ at the end of the day.


  1. Your life will become a routine

You wake up as early as 6:00 am to prepare for work, get to work and work for hours, arrive late at night, eat a late dinner and sleep for nothing less than 5 hours. You wake up the next morning and the same routine continues.

It’s the same for the rest of the week. Even on Saturdays, you might be expected to show up at work.

So your life becomes a routine!


  1. You will feel like you’re in prison

Have you ever felt like your legs are in fetters? This is what happens when you stay too long in a 9-5 job.

You don’t have a life of your own anymore and you do not have the freedom to leave for anywhere without permission from your boss.

It’s your life but you have to take permission to leave the office…aside the 1-hour lunch break stipulated. You’re locked in a room for the whole day and sometimes, you just wish that you’re the orange seller by the end of the street, with the freedom to live your life!


  1. Your workplace will become a new family

Since you’ll be spending most of your time at work, it will be your second home. You’ll be so accustomed to your colleagues at work that they’ll become a new family.

There, you’ll have the gossips, the naggers, lazy ones, etc.


  1. You’ll have to accommodate people you don’t like

Your colleague is so annoying you feel like punching him in the face. The head of your department is a thorn in the flesh. You wish that you can walk into her office, pull her wig off from her head and tell with a perpetually disdainful expression that you hate her.

But you can’t. Because you have to accommodate the people you hate, and you can’t avoid seeing them every day.


  1. Did you break up with a co-worker? It will be a disaster!

Everyone will stare at you with pitiful eyes as you walk into offices and the questions of ‘What really happened? You both looked perfect!” will fill the air.

How about meeting with your ex at the water dispenser, photocopy machine? It will be awkward to face your ex and even hold meetings after the breakup.

However, we’ve pulled out some useful tips to help you cope with breaking up with a co-worker. You can read it HERE.


  1. You’ll compare yourself with your colleagues

The colleague that is better than you will make you green with envy. You’ll start to wonder if they have two heads and what makes them so smart and loved by all?

‘I’m just a dullard.’ You’ll mutter to yourself while you watch them solve a difficult puzzle.


  1. Your boss is always right

Your boss will insult you and lower your self-esteem. Sometimes, you’ll feel like confronting your boss and setting things right.

But, you’ll remember that it’s your boss talking and the boss is always right!


These are not to scare you but no one will actually tell you these before taking a 9-5 job!



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