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Things That Waste your Time During the Day

Here are a couple of things that eat into your time most days.

Things That Waste your Time During the Day

So, you know how you get tho the end of the day and you are not sure how time got away so fast seeing as you did not accomplish any of the things you set out to do when you woke up in the morning


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Well, I am going to give you a couple of things that waste your time that you are not even aware of.

  1. Not planning your meals: It takes time choosing what to eat and ensuring you have the right ingredients to even cook the meal. All that deciding and the seconds are ticking.
  2. Watching TV out of habit: Do you watch TV because you cannot think of anything else to do or you are bored? I’m not saying don’t watch TV but ask yourself, Am I free enough to do that?
  3. Social Media: You see that let me quickly check IG or scroll through twitter, that mindless scrolling can add up during the day.
  4. Not planning in advance: Planning how your day will go from the minute you wake up will help you avoid problems and not forget appointments.
  5. Procrastinating: Do not put things off if they can be done today. Get them done and you will feel much better for ticking it off your list.
  6. Being Disorganised: You need to PLAN, PREPARE and give yourself some room for any emergencies. This will prevent you from running around like a headless chicken.
  7. Being tempted by distractions: Try as much as possible to complete one task at a time and not be side-tracked. It will greatly improve your timing.
  8. Too much multi-tasking: I know you have heard that multitasking is good but have you thought about how it is trying to divide the same time for different things and then you never ever get all of them done anyway or you don’t do some properly.
  9. Not batching errands and work: What this means id you have to make multiple trips or switch between different tasks which usually makes you lose your place or focus and you find yourself doing one thing over and again.
  10. Prioritising the wrong things: If you had a to-do list or your goals clearly written down, this would not be the case.
  11. Not timing yourself:  Just because you don’t give yourself an estimated end time for the things you do, you find out that you take too long with certain errands or projects which inherently takes out a chunk of time in the rest of your day


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