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Things That Married Women Never Say to Their Husbands

This post is not for the single or about to be married people. It is strictly married folks only.

Would you call yourself a couple If you do not do these 8 things together?

So today, we are moving the focus away from our single brothers and sisters and focusing small energy on the married folks today.

So I heard some married women don’t tell their husbands things they need to hear and I tell myself, maybe they do not know and what better way to tell them than writing a post about it? You need to open the lines of communication as this will aid easier appreciation of each other.

So here I am with 5 things you should tell or say to your husband at every given chance or when the occasion arises. Are you ready?

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  1. Thank You: So rumour has it that some women do not say thank you to their husbands or even appreciate them. To be honest, the same way you love to be appreciated is the same your husband does too. Whatever task it is, no matter how big or small, it’s important to tell your husband thank you. Positive reinforcement will make your husband excited, feel needed and appreciated. When you forget to tell your husband thanks, they might feel like you didn’t notice they put in the effort, don’t care or aren’t valued. Do not breed insecurities just because you refused to appreciate goodness.
  2. I need help: If you are acting like Superwoman and trying to carry it all, you are doing yourself. Life can be overwhelming at times and coupled with society’s rule that women should be responsible for all the cooking, cleaning, and the likes, saying you need help should not be too much to ask. Nobody is going to give you a medal for all the times you said: “never mind, I will do it myself.” Do not dismiss offers of help from our man.
  3. How was your day: Yes, you are busy and have a billion things to do but don’t forget to slow down. When is the last time you heard about what was really going on in his life? Not just the universal “work was fine” answer but really asked him about the details of his day. No matter how busy you are, it’s important to make time for your spouse each and every day and by doing this you are telling your husband “you are my priority”. Husbands need love and affection too so that he feels secure, wanted and respected in the marriage.
  4. I handled it: Because I said to ask for help does not mean you’ll turn yourself to a needy person. There is nothing sexier than a woman that can also be strong and independent. Nothing will say “I love you” more than stepping up and handling bad situations so that your spouse doesn’t have to worry about it. On some days, the best way you can show your spouse you love them is by doing something they would normally put on their to-do list thereby reducing the amount of stress they have to deal with.
  5. I want more intimacy and affection: Aunty Madam, if your husband is not attending to your emotional needs, speak up, please. Do not be forming strong woman and start feeling insecure about yourself instead of asking for some extra love from your husband. Remember that he cannot read your mind and you shouldn’t expect him to always know what you want every moment of the day. Being open and honest about your needs as a wife is much more productive to be very honest.


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