Things that are More Important than Love in a Relationship

We always blame ‘love’ for anything that happens to our relationship; be it good or bad. Love is crazy, love ruined everything! If only I had loved her more… love is always seen as the reason for everything in a relationship.

Falling in love is easy but staying in love is the crucial part of a relationship. The following are the things that are more important than love in a relationship:


  1. Friendship

Friendship is the key ingredient for a happy relationship. The two of you have to cut out romantic kinds of stuff aside sometimes and play together like children. Friendship will be your companion when boredom hits your relationship, not love.


  1. Acceptance

Acceptance teaches us to accept all flaws, bad habits and imperfections of our partner in order to understand them and love them irrespective of their flaws.


  1. Forgiveness

We are not perfect; we make mistakes, hold grudges and have flaws. Forgiveness prevents fights and bitterness in a relationship. Without forgiveness, partners cannot learn to stay together and forget their mistakes.


  1. Support

This makes sure that the two of you have each other’s back at all times. Support will give you strength to be with each other no matter the obstacle you face.


  1. Trust

It is essential to have faith and confidence in one another. This prevents the relationship from facing conflicts such as jealousy, possessiveness, and dishonesty.


  1. Chemistry

You must have some common interests that will deepen your chemistry. Being passionate about similar things will increase the spark in your relationship.


Love is very essential but some other elements are necessary for your relationship. Make sure that your relationship is strong!



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