Things Men Do That Mess Up Their Relationships

Some men do certain things that mess up their relationships, and they make their partners take responsibility for it.

These are the things that mess up relationships:

  1. Trying to control your partner

Your partner has been surviving and living by her decisions but you suddenly want to control her life? Trust is important in all relationships and controlling her means that you do not trust her.

  1. Being too jealous for no valid reason

Jealousy is one of the major things that cause destruction in a relationship. It is normal to feel jealous but when it is in excess, it becomes a problem.

  1. Exceeding your boundaries with other girls

Flirting with other ladies is not allowed in a relationship. You should know how to create a boundary when you’re relating with other girls. Otherwise, it’s going to mess up your relationship.

  1. Not listening to her the right way

Women love to express their feelings and to have you there to understand her and apologize. You ought to listen to her and act the right way. You mess up your relationship when you listen to her the wrong way.

  1. Not taking enough responsibility

You’re a man and you have to take responsibility for your actions. You should admit when you’re the one at fault and help her out when she’s performing the house chores.

The earth does not revolve around you and you have to take responsibility or else, it will mess up your relationship.

  1. Underestimating little things

Men usually underestimate the significance of little gestures such as surprising her with lunch, helping her out when she visits the grocery store, sneaking a box of earrings in her bag when she isn’t looking, etc.

All these may seem small to a man but a woman values them so much. Underestimating these little things can mess up your relationship.

  1. Taking her for granted

You shouldn’t take her granted just because she loves you very much. A woman needs your time, love and attention. When you’re not striving to make your relationship work, you’re messing it up.


These things mess up your relationship but when you make amends, everything will fall into place!


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