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Things Females Should Avoid When Packing For Travel

You only have a small luggage and you are wondering what to pack. Well, we can tell you what not to pack.

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You should prefer travelling light which would be determined by what you choose to take and what you choose to leave at home. So, here are things that are not as necessary and you should not pack and things to pack instead.

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  1. A thick coat: But you too, think it well. You want to pack a thick coat inside that box of yours. Which space go con remain? It is too big and too bulky. Instead, take a woolless sweater or a thick pashmina. They both take less space and can double as a pillow.
  2. Leather Jacket: I do not know where you saw this or who even gave it to you but do not pack it, please. When it is not like you are doing cross country on a power bike. Instead, take a black jacket. Not only is black a universal colour and goes well with anything, but a jacket will not crease or rumple.
  3. Skirts with frills or patterns: As a lady, you’ll probably want to match your skirts and tops appropriately which will then lead you to take more clothes. Instead of frills and patterns, take a plain skirt. Pick whatever colour you prefer, but make it as plain as possible. Taking something that goes with everything is an important rule of packing.
  4. Sneakers: If you have limited space, sneakers are not the go-to shoe. I know you are tempted to squeeze it in but do not. Your shoes should multitask too, don’t take shoes that you can only wear with certain outfits or on certain occasions.
  5. High heels: Aunty you have limited space but you want to squeeze in a pair of those high heeled shoes. Beht why? I know you want to slay but isn’t it better to not slay than embarrass your ancestors at the airport? Please take a pair of those gorgeous flat shoes in that corner.
  6. Cross bags: Cross bags might look like a good deal until they start to get in the way while you are walking. So instead of that why do you not opt for a backpack? You can pack more stuff and it is easier to change positions when one part of your body starts to ache.
  7. Hats or Caps: So you want to wear the hat or cap to do what now? Aunty you better just respect your self and take a scar. It can keep you warm at altitude, it can lift your outfit, will fit in your carry on bag, and you can use it as a blanket, a wrap around when shoulders can’t be exposed, even as a makeshift skirt if a church wants knees covered etc.

You are welcome, Mademoiselle.


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