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These Will Definitely Blow Your Mind Off! 10 Fun Facts About Chihuahuas You Don’t Know

These Will Definitely Blow You Off! 10 Fun Facts About Chihuahuas You Don't Know

You might have come across the video of former BBNaija housemate Omashola calling his fellow housemate, Tacha, a Chihuahua while they are exchanging words. Thanks to that video, the term Chihuahua has become quite popular in Nigeria.

Chihuahuas are fascinating little dogs. They are small in size yet energetic, playful, feisty, and incredibly loyal to their masters. Even if you’re familiar with the dog breed, there are probably some things you do not know about them. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of these things below.

Here are 10 amazing facts about these little dogs.

1. Chihuahuas get their name from the state of Chihuahua in Mexico. This is the largest state in Mexico and it is known for its diverse landscape. When American tourists visited the state in the 19th century, they encountered many of these petite puppies which they fell in love with and brought back to the U.S. Since they found many of these dogs in Chihuahua, they named them after the state.

2. Chihuahuas are the world’s smallest dog breed. They measure between 6 to 8 inches in height and weigh no more than 6 pounds. One Chihuahua named Milly was recognised by the Guinness World Records as the worlds smallest dog. As an adult, this dog was only 3.8 inches tall!

3. Where these dogs fall short in size, they make up for it with their lifespans. Chihuahuas have one of the longest life expectancy among dog breeds. They can live for anywhere between 14 to 16 years. That’s a long lifespan for a dog!

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4. Again Chihuahuas come with another surprise! These small dogs have the largest brains of all dog breeds when it comes to brain size in relation to body dimensions. The only problem with this is that their necks are fragile and have to do a lot of work to carry their skulls. This can lead to health problems for them.

5. There are two variations of Chihuahuas: the apple head and the deer head. While the apple head chihuahua has more prominent eyes, shorter ears and legs, the deer head looks like a young deer and has longer ears and legs, flat-topped head, and more widely set eyes. Among the two variations of chihuahua, only the apple head meet breed standards. In other words, they represent the breed.

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6. Female Chihuahuas have to go through a lot of Caesarean sections because they have difficulties giving birth. This is because the large heads of the newborn pups and the mother’s small pelvis don’t always match.

7. Despite their small size, Chihuahuas are known to be aggressive. Several wild Chihuahuas have been seen roaming the U.S. and many of them terrorize young children and chase cars.

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8. These feisty little dogs are one of the most colourful animals. They come in a wide variety of colours. In fact, there are 30 recognized colours, although some are combinations.

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9. Chihuahuas are so loyal that they’ve been known to die of a broken heart when their owners die.  Now that’s loyalty!

10. For a long time, there has been a belief that Chihuahuas can cure asthma. Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence to back up this claim.


What other interesting facts do you know about Chihuahuas. Tell us in the comment section below.


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