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These unbelievable questions would help avoid the awkward first date pauses and reveal how to do it

One of the most uncomfortable parts about going on a first date is thinking of things to talk about. This post will help you

How To Make The Right Conversations During Dates

Some people understand this dating game, they’ve got their conversations on lockdown and know all the right first date questions to ask. They really make dating look easy. But, there’s some of us out there that hate every single part of dating and we are clueless as regards the topics to bring up, we worry about what to say, what to wear, and basically, we are a wreck of nerves the whole time.

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This post is for those in this category who can relate and are wondering what questions should be asked to get to know the person and when that dreaded awkward silence comes around.

  • Where did you grow up?  Asking about your date’s past might just be what is needed to make room for a future date. Questions like, “Where did you grow up?”, or “What did you study in the university?” will help you know your date better and will give you the room for other questions to ask.
  • What do you enjoy doing? Everyone loves talking about themselves but most importantly, people love to discuss their areas of interest. You two can bond over the fact if you have hobbies in common or even realize you have very different interests, which could make your date much more exciting.
  • What is your favourite series? Just ask someone, anyone, if they watch Game of Thrones and sit back and watch them go on and on and on. Television series is an easy topic if you’re not sure what question to ask or not to Debating about your favourite shows is a great way to keep the conversation going, and also a good way to share whatever knowledge you have garnered over the years.
  • Do you enjoy your work? Asking someone about their work-life can be a great conversation piece, along with a good way for you to get a better sense of your date’s personality or if they have any responsibilities. You’ll soon find out if he or she has a job that he or she is passionate about or one that just pays the bills.
  • Describe your family to me? Sometimes this road is a bit dicey because not everyone comes from a good and loving home and wants to talk about it. You need to gauge the body language when this question is asked.
  • Do you like traveling? Bringing up the topic of traveling should be easy because no one hates talking about their amazing trips or the places they are dying to go to next.
  • What kind of music do you like? This is the true moment you find out if your date likes the same genre of music as you do or if your tastes run in the opposites. It’s an effortless way to learn more about your date while filling up that uncomfortable silence.


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