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These Top 10 Classic Nollywood Movies Will Glue You to Your TV. Don’t believe? Check them out

These Top 10 Classic Nollywood Movies Will Glue You to Your TV. Don't believe? Check them out

A look back at Nollywood’s early days will surely bring up memories of outstanding movies which won the hearts of many Nigerians.

These movies were called home videos. With little capital, film producers would shoot these movies within a couple of weeks and sell them in VHS cassettes to consumers.

Home videos were the highlights of the 90s. Nigerians witnessed the release of a good number of well-written movies which were worth every second spent watching them.

These movies did well irrespective of the fact that Nigerian producers had no access to the kind of cutting-edge technology we have today.

Here is a list of 10 of such movies worth watching again and again.


If you are a millenial and you didn’t see this movie then you definitely missed. Igodo is an epic tale of a village tormented by evil spirits. Seven brave warriors embark on a journey to find a solution to this problem. On the way, they face several challenges but must do all they can to save their village even if it costs them their lives.

Glamour Girls 

The name Glamour Girls will surely ring a bell for most people. Glamour Girls was way ahead of its times for a film that was produced in 1994. It deviated from the conventional storylines about rituals and family disputes and instead focused on more controversial themes like sex and money.  Indeed, Glamour Girls paved the way for many sensual Nigerian films of today. This was the movie that brought the likes of Eucharia and Zack Orji to limelight.

Diamond Ring 

An adventurous young boy in the University, Chidi (a young Teju Babyface), joins his friends to rob the grave of Gladys (Liz Benson), a recently deceased wealthy woman. When Glady’s vengeful ghost comes hunting chidi and his friends, they must now face the music or find a way to appease her.

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Diamond Ring features Richard Mofe Damijo, Liz Benson and the legendary Bukky Ajayi.

Nneka The Pretty Serpent 

Thanks to Nneka The Pretty Serpent, we now have dozens of Nollywood movies that depict evil seductresses who are on a mission to ruin the lives of men. This masterpiece tells the story of Nneka, the enchanting demon, who destroys the lives of men by luring them with her charm. Even though it came out 25 years ago, this movie is still a timeless classic.

Full Moon

Full Moon is about a girl who is born during a full moon. As a result, she acquires special powers which she can only use when the moon is full. Full Moon was released in a time when movies didn’t have special effects yet it still carries its audience along with an interesting storyline. The movie features the beautiful Regina Askia alongside Kanayo O. Kanayo, Peter Bunor, and Pete Edochie amongst others.

Blood Sisters 

There is something so magical about Blood Sisters that makes it so unforgettable after all these years. It probably is the appearance of two of Nollywood’s most iconic actresses – Genevieve Nnaji and Omotola Jalade –  together in a movie, the touching storyline or the combination of both.

Blood Sisters tells the story of two sisters Esther (Genevieve Nnaji) and Gloria (Omotola Jalade) who are totally different from each other. Esther is envious of her sister Gloria, who is more beautiful and overall lucky. As a result, Esther ends up murdering Gloria. And this is where things get really interesting.

Osuofia in London 

Who didn’t know Osuofia in London when it came it came out in the early 2000s? This was the film that established Nkem Owoh’s status as the King of Comedy in Nollywood. In the film, Nkem Owoh plays Osuofia, a man who leaves his village to inherit his deceased brother’s wealth in London.

During his stay in London, he encounters several hilarious situations and finally comes home with an Obodo wife. Thanks to this film, many people know Nkem Owoh as simply “Osuofia”.

Keeping Faith 

Starring Genevieve Nnaji and Richard Mofe Damijo, Keeping Faith tells the story of Nadine who goes as far as using diabolical means to keep her man Princewill faithful to her. The film’s compelling themes of love and betrayal make it a classic Romantic movie worth watching again and again.

Living In Bondage

Interestingly, Living In Bondage was the first full length Nollywood movie to ever be produced. It tells the story of Andy (Kenneth Okonkwo), a man tired of being poor, who joins a cult on the conviction of his best friend. He ends up using his dear wife Merith for money rituals. Andy becomes rich but it doesn’t take him long to find out that he has biting more than he can chew.


This riveting tale tells the story of a mad woman, Judith, who gives birth to twins and loses them to a childless couple. The twins grow up to become successful. Subsequently, they find out about their real mother and go on a quest to find her. Conspiracy features Onyeka Onwenu, Charles Okafor, Larry Koldsweat and Nkem Owoh.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Which other classic Nigerian movies do you remember? Let us know in the comment section below.


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