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These Style and Beauty Tips Works Like Magic and Why You Should Have Them on a Lock Down

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These Style and Beauty Tips Works Like Magic and Why You Should Have Them on a Lock Down

I don’t know how some of you missed this style and beauty tips that you should have known since the first day you embarked on this fashion journey but it is okay. We are here for you on so many levels. One of such levels is obviously this.

I know you love fashion, and you love beauty and you occasionally need to turn to a few quick beauty tips and tricks to achieve a style or makeup look on the fly. This way you can say of a truth, I got you.

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  • Repurpose Old Mascara Brushes: Instead of throwing away your old mascara brushes, rinse them out and give them a whole new meaning. Mascara brushes can be extremely useful, for taming your brows or fixing your edges. I bet you did not know about the second one.
  • The Travelling Scent: Why you have not invested in a perfume you can carry about is beyond me. Even if it is just a body mist. Investing in a travel perfume container so you can spritz on your favourite scent throughout the day is the best thing you can do for yourself.
  • Try the Neck Method: Everybody knows this one o but let me just assume that a few people might have forgotten. If you cannot try on a pair of jeans, use the neck method to get an idea if they’ll fit. Simply wrap the waistband of the pants around your neck and if it comfortably fits around your neck than chances are they’ll fit your waist, too.
  • Pick Your Clothes ahead of Time: All those of you who pick your clothes the morning you want to wear them, it is like you enjoy stressing yourself. Instead of waiting till the last minute to pick an outfit, choose your full week of outfits out on Sunday and see the morning stress eliminated easily.
  • Soften Feet While you Sleep: This one is not popular but I will tell you so that you can confirm that I am your G. Before heading to bed, put moisturizing lotion on your feet and then put socks on. This will condition your feet overnight and help soften any rough dry skin.
  • Coconut Oil should be your new BFF: The uses of coconut oil are astounding. It has been known for use in the conditioning of lashes and brows, to remove your makeup and very recently as a hair serum.


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