These Stuffs Go in Your Head When You are Stalking Your Ex

Breakups come with triggers such as the scents, songs and even places that reminds you of the heartbreak. The greatest challenge in our world today is social media; which has made memories to still linger even after a long time.

Social media has made it very easy to check up on your ex and wonder what it going on in their lives. Have you ever wondered why you’re doing this but you can’t stop?

Below are what goes in your head when you’re stalking your ex.

  1. Curiosity

Your mind will tell you, ‘I just want to have a glimpse of an idea of what is going on in his or her life.’ You will want to have the feeling that the breakup also affected them.

  1. It is very easy

Social media has made it very easy to check up on your ex and wonder what they’re up to.

  1. There are no consequences

You can spend hours, checking everything on social media without facing any dire consequence.

  1. Regret

You will be filled with regrets especially if you both didn’t end on good terms. When you look at their names, you’ll keep wondering if there is a chance to fix it.

  1. Taking the bold step to saying ‘Hi’

You left so many things unsaid and you want to change that by mustering the courage to say ‘hi.’

You imagine both of you becoming friends again but the thought of the past is discouraging you from taking the bold step.



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