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These qualities are toxic in a relationship. Be surely, they are what you want in yours

Nobody wants a toxic relationship. No one should date these kind of people

These qualities are toxic in a relationship. Be surely, they are what you want in yours

Relationships are now a dime, a dozen and it is so painful to see. People enter into relationships with terrible characters without first addressing them or even working on the said issues. Imagine dating a guy who thinks you are not worthy of wonderful things, or a lady who does not like to be seen with you.

This post addresses toxic behaviours that are unhealthy for any relationship and you should look out for.

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  • ABUSIVE: An abusive partner is a No-No because of the very fact that love knows nothing about violence, whether it physical or emotional. You should run away from any guy or girl who is violent in his or dealings as far as possible.
  • NARROW-MINDEDNESS: If the idea of spending your whole life with a guy or girl who is not open-minded does not sound like a nightmare, I do not know what else will.  You definitely don’t want to be with someone for the rest of your life who bars you from doing all the normal things just because of his or her fear of things going wrong or his mistrust on you. That kind of negativity can ruin your life.
  • THE RELATIONSHIP RULES MEAN NOTHING TO HIM: If you notice he or she likes to play wild, then it is not a good sign. Every relationship has basic ground rules that are usually followed (some spelt out, others are known by default) by both the partners but if he or she goes off the line again and again without ever paying heed to your concerns about them, then they should not even be with you.
  • BREAKS PROMISES: A little mistake or a forgetful mind, we can forgive even a big promise if broken once in a while, can be forgiven too. It is if the frequency of the said broken promises keeps increasing visibly, then it is time to stop and take stock. If he or she easily breaks promises frequently, it obviously means that they are making a fool out of you.
  • IMMATURE IN HIS OR HER AFFAIRS: Whether it is friendship or relationship, if he or she is the kind who throws people off after a minor fight or quarrel, they are not the right person to be with. If their dealings with the people around are hasty and they keep cutting people off, you can easily be cut you off one day.
  • LIAR: Small lies, cute lies and insignificant lies, white lie, black lie, coloured lie, all na lie.  Even if they are told for good, are excusable and even justifiable. Lies that affect your relationship and if they are spoken, again and again, they need to be dealt with, if not the lies then the liar needs to be confronted.


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