These Movies Would Deprive You of Sleep

Have you ever watched a movie that literally made you scream out of fear and made you awake throughout the night?

If no, then you probably haven’t watched any of the movies enlisted below. These movies will capture all of you and make you spend the night, staring at the darkness and wishing that there is someone beside you. So you shouldn’t watch these movies alone! Check them out:


  1. A Quiet Place

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Have you ever imagined a world where you can live only by making no single sound or you’ll be devoured by a strange creature?

A Quiet Place captures the Abott family in a lonely town and how they spent their time, silently scavenging for supplies in a deserted town. The family communicates with American Sign Language or they will be devoured by some sightless extraterrestrial creatures that originated from a meteor shower impacting Earth.


  1. Bird box

This movie is set in a post-apocalyptic world and it is about a young woman, Malorie Hayes who strives, by all means, to survive with her two young, unnamed children by going downstream on a river in a boat.

They must not remove their blindfolds or else, they will die.

A pregnant Malorie has visited her older sister five years earlier and a news report was showing an unexplained mass suicides originating in Russia and spreading across Europe.

When Malorie goes for her routine pregnancy checkup, she sees a woman bashing her head into a glass panel and chaos quickly erupts throughout the town. As Malorie and Jessica try to drive away from violence, Malorie watches her sister kill herself by walking into the path of an oncoming load truck and watches people kill themselves without reasons.

Bird box makes you imagine a world which only profits the blind and mentally unstable people, and where seeing can lead to your death.

It is captivating, scary and would surely make some drops of tears streak down your face.


  1. Don’t Breathe

Rocky, Alex, and Money are three Detroit delinquents who make a living by breaking into houses secured by Alex’s father’s security company.

Rocky longs to flee away from her abusive mother and alcoholic boyfriend with her younger sister, Diddy. But she needs enough money to escape.

Money learns that a US Army Special Forces veteran lives in an abandoned Detroit neighourhood and has $300,000 cash in his house, which he received as a settlement after Cindy Roberts, a wealthy young woman, killed his daughter in a car accident.

The three breaks into the house to steal the money, the plan doesn’t go as easy as it seems. The Blind Man tries to kill them and they strive to secure their lives in his house.

Don’t Breathe will make you almost pee on yourself and scream at the TV. It is intriguing and full of suspense. I’ll see how you’ll close your eyes after watching this movie!


  1. Truth or Dare

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Olivia Barron and her best friend Markie Cameron with her boyfriend Lucas Moreno, and Penelope Amari and her boyfriend, Tyson Curran and Brad Chang go on a trip to Rosario, Mexico.

While there, Olivia meets a man, Carter who convinces her and her friend to join him for drinks at the ruins of a mansion.  Carter initiates a game of Truth or Dare and when the game ends, he reveals that he deceived them to offer them his place in the supernatural game of Truth or Dare and they must not refuse it.

Not believing all he said, they return home only for the game of Truth or Dare to hunt them and they must all do what is said or else, they will die.

Truth or Dare is a scary movie that has gory scenes that will make you feel queasy. How would you sleep when the scary scenes still keep appearing to you while in bed?


  1. Monster Party

The 2018 horror-thriller tells the story of three young thieves who decide to carry out a heist in a mansion. This is in a bid to pay off an urgent debt.

The plan goes unsuccessfully when the young thieves realize that the party invitees are not as normal as they seem. This causes all hell to break loose.

Monster Party is advised not be watched alone, while eating or before going to bed. Do you know how it feels to watch a human’s body being butchered? Monster Party is the kind of movie that would deprive you of sleep.



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